20 Creative WordPress Themes Utilizing Geometric Shapes

The use of geometrics provides graphic designers with a fantastic opportunity to add to the flat design trend. Combined with flat design the use of geometric shapes enables a designer to stay true to the fundamentals of flat design – creating clean and clear designs, while also providing them with a clever use for negative space, and fun ways to explore colours. So in this post i collected 20 WordPress Themes utilizing geometric concepts and shapes to produce simplistic, fun, modern and innovative designs with content at the forefront.

20 Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Geometric Designs

In this post I’d like to share 20 awesome Photoshop & Illustrator tutorials for creating geometric design and art that you can use in your graphic design project. These tutorials show us how easy it is to create beautiful, geometric designs using Photoshop tools that enable you to produce amazingly complex, symmetrical designs by simply moving nodes.

29 Eye-Catching Art Deco Fonts

Art Deco font is always used in display designs with the retro feel and look as their decorative nature. Here are 29 art deco fonts that a designer can find for use in their projects.

15 Gorgeous Free Geometric Sans Serif Fonts

The geometric shapes trend continues this year. Low-poly effect, sacred geometry shift and just playful placement of different geometric shapes make classy and unique designs. Geometry designs can be used in websites and any type of graphic designs to visually convey a pattern or sequence of events. Interestingly, geometry designs need not be the usual squares or polygons. It can also be multiple designs nested to form a cluster or smooth wavy designs that blends well with the concept.

There are three main types of sans serif fonts: humanist, transitional and geometric. Geometric Sans Serif typefaces use geometric shapes to form the backbones of the letters, which creates a strict, objective, and universal feel. They are often used in science or architecture. So here are 15 free geometric sans-serif fonts that can help you achieve a modern, clean and sophisticated look in your designs. Enjoy !.

21 Fantastic Geometric Illustrations

Geometric design proves how beautiful simple shapes can be, and proves that less is more. Making a good geometric design is harder than you think, but it sure is a lot of fun. In this post i found some of the most amazing illustrations in all kinds of geometric styles. Have fun!

10 Awesome Geometric Backgrounds

Here are 10 geometric backgrounds that will be awesome for website backgrounds, printable designs such as flyers, leaflets, poster etc or you can use them as desktop wallpaper.

30 Mind-Blowing Examples Of Geometric Designs

Geometric designs, also known as geometric modelling, is a branch of computational geometry. It deals with the construction and representation of free-form curves, surfaces, or volumes. Here are some of the best geometry artworks and geometric designs i could find that are deeply rooted in geometry by using mostly easily discernible shapes.