65 Fonts For Typography-based Logo

Wordmark logos or logotypes are text-only typographic representation of a logo. This typography-based logo is a popular choice across industries, especially tech, media, fashion, and food.to create a unique woodmark. We know the secret to a great logo is finding the perfect font. So if you are looking for best fonts that speak about your brand personality, here are 65 Fonts For Typography-based Logo that you can download or use them as inspiration.

25 Awesome Opentype-SVG Fonts

Color Fonts or OpenType-SVG fonts open up a whole new world to graphic designers. You can embed OpenType-SVG fonts just like other fonts in your CSS. Firefox and Edge has support color fonts in their browsers but Chrome lags behind at this point. So in this post we`ve collected 25 Awesome Opentype-SVG Fonts to create stunning typography for use on the web or graphic design.

50 Best Free Fonts 2019 For Fontaholic

Finding the right font is painful, and it’s even more inconvenient to find a brilliant font free of cost. For this reason, I created collection of 50 Best Free Fonts 2019 For Fontaholic that you can download for free in your next project. These great free fonts will definitely make your projects stand out. If you have some free font to share, please feel free to add it to the comments.

25 Free Fonts for Beautiful Web Typography

Typeface is critical choice when creating web content. The correct font is as important as the background or color that you choose for your website. It sets the tone for what you are trying to say. Choosing the right font for your design determines how well your designs are perceived. But it`s time-consuming to cut through the ocean of fonts online, especially web fonts, so in this post we`ve collected 25 Free Fonts for Beautiful Web Typography.

26 Outline Fonts To Make Your Designs Stand Out

Outline fonts or sometimes called vector fonts have the advantage that the shapes are completely scalable to any arbitrary size, without losing smoothness or sharpness. They are perfect for web designs, branding projects, and headlines and so much more. So in this post we`ve rounded up 26 amazing outline fonts to make your designs stand out.

30 Free Bold & Beautiful Christmas Fonts

Rather than going for Christmas fonts which were actually created especially for the festive season, I have selected regular fonts which evoke a feel of the holiday season in my opinion at least. To help give your designs a bit of seasonal style, we’ve put together a list of 30 Free Bold & Beautiful Christmas Fonts that are sure to bring some Christmas cheer to your designs.