CSS Flexbox : 15 Resources To Get You Started

Most Web layouts today are based on some form of a grid system. How many of you have had to hack through your CSS to accommodate the notoriously unfriendly float and inline-block methods in order to lay out the designs? We no longer need to rely on these solutions beyond providing something visual to browsers without flex features. Flexbox features give us simple solutions for layout alignment and some extra flexibility around ordering. So in this post we`ve gathered some useful resources to help you get started with CSS Flexbox.

18 CSS3 Flexbox Resources

Creating columns can be a tricky task in webdesign.For many year web designers used tables to show content in columns. More recently, designers have been using CSS floats. Flexbox is a nickname for CSS Flexible Box Layout Module. Flexbox is a CSS property that makes it possible display content in columns without the need of using floats or tables. Here are 18 resources for mastering CSS3 flexbox.