20 Awesome Search & Filter UI Designs Inspiration

People want to find what they need without wasting any time. Search filtering is a feature designed to make sorting out items easy and simple. E-commerce and portfolio sites are probably the most common use case for utilizing search filtering because users are searching for detailed products and services. So in this post we`ve handpicked 20 Awesome Search & Filter UI Designs for inspiration.

8 Cool CSS Filter Libraries & Tools

CSS filters are a powerful and easy-to-use visual effects tool for web developers. Filters can manipulate the appearance of any HTML element and can be stacked together to create unique effects with a single line of CSS. They are similar to the effects in Photoshop but with one key difference, the original image remains untouched. So here are some cool CSS filter libraries & tools that will allow you to manipulate any type of images colors, look and feel.

11 CSS Filter Tutorials & Examples

CSS filters can be used to create some fantastic image effects. They allow you to modify the display of images in a variety of ways, some of those ways of displaying images as black and white, grayscale, sepia, invert, saturate, hue-rotate, blur and more. Though, this feature is not yet widely supported, but you can use CSS filter polyfill as browser fallback. So to get our feet wet with CSS Filter Effects, here are some useful tutorials and examples to help us to create fantastic image effects.

8 jQuery Range Slider Plugins

Here are jquery plugins which allows a user to select a value from a numerical range by simply dragging a slider. This can be used in many cases like filtering the products based on a range of price. You can simply make use of the below listed jQuery range slider plugins to add a real value to the overall user experience.