20 Cool CSS & Javascript Error 404 Page Examples

Have you ever been lost? It’s not a good feeling. Your head spins while you frantically try to locate something familiar. A 404 error page is one of the most common notifications you’ll see on the Internet. In fact, almost every website has a 404 page not found notification. A creative, cool, interesting or informative 404 error page can not only lead customers to other parts of your websites smoothly. So if you are looking for inspiration to turn a 404 page into something brilliant and creative then here are 20 witty and well-designed 404 error pages using CSS and Javascript for inspiration.

40 Informative and Fun CSS 404 Error Page Examples

404 is an HTTP response code that indicates the server could not find the page requested. 404 error page informs users that they`ve followed a non-existent link or typed an address that doesn`t exist. Users may be upset when it happens. Creating interactive error pages are great to engage users and it also can turn a bad experience into a delightful one. So here are 40 Informative and Fun CSS 404 Error Pages Examples that you can use as inspiration to design a user-friendly error page.

58 Creative Error Page Design Examples

A 404 error, which is commonly referred to as a ‘Page Not Found’ error, occurs when a browser can find the specific website but not the page within the site. This either happens when they type in the wrong address, or the page they were looking for was deleted by the website owners. Perhaps it was temporary page – like an offer, or an article. Maybe it was a link to an image that was erased after it lost its charm. Regardless of the reason, the 404 is there to alert the visitor that while your website is still up and running, the page they are searching for is not. So here are 58 great examples of 404 error page designs. Let yourself be inspired!

25 Brilliantly Creative Error 404 Page Designs

Showing your visitor a Page Not Found error is as good as throwing them out on their backs. Sometimes it may not be your fault visitors landed on error pages, but with a good 404 page designs you can help out the visitors once they got lost on your page. In this post we have list of 25 Brilliantly Creative Error 404 Page Designs to inspire you about designing a really cools 404 error pages for your site.