20 Mind-Bending 3D Surreal Illustrations

Surreal Art is getting so much attention because it lets an artist freely express his creativity, feelings and the way he thinks. It is the medium of art in which you can showcase your talent and creativity in the most meaningful and the most intangible way. We have compiled a list of some inspirational 3D Surreal Illustrations for inspiration. Hope you’ll like this collection.

35 Amusing Digital Caricatures

Caricature is a process of sketching someone or something to create stylish or funny cartoon and often demonstrate the person’s personality by deliberating distortion of the subject matter. Drawing caricature doesn’t mean that you need to draw a cartoon to be one, it can be a painting, photograph or photographs. It can be a caricature if the artist has the intention to make it one regardless of how it was made.

25 Amazing Steampunk Arts

Modern robots featuring old-fashioned watch parts, high-tech laptops outfitted with crude wooden and brass casings, and a baby chick mounted to appear realistic, save for the cogs and machinery exposed in its back, are all examples of Steampunk art. So let’s take a visit to the land of steampunk.