25 Best CSS & Javascript Tab Examples

Tabs are one of the most useful web and mobile components for organizing your content in a user-friendly format. Or if you have lot of contents and small space they will come to your rescue. So in this post I’ve collected some best examples of tab components made using CSS and Javascript for web coding inspiration.

20 Best CSS & Javascript File Upload Examples

File upload is a common feature in mobile and web development that almost every app needs. File upload capability enables your users to place their files on your site. These files might be images, videos, PDFs, or files of any other type. Collecting files directly through a form on your site is great for acquiring documents such as resume, portfolios or images and videos such as screenshots and screen-captures through customer support forms. So in this post I’ve gathered 20 best CSS & Javascript File Upload Examples for inspiration to improve file upload UI and UX design.

25 Best Responsive Flexbox Navigation Menu Examples

Flexbox is a CSS layout mode that allows you to easily align elements responsively. You don’t have to install any dependencies or include a link to a CDN to start using it. It’s honestly pretty easy to pick up and fun to play around with. Flexbox allows for flexible layouts, but only in a single dimension. It is great when you want to align a few items a certain way very quickly and have them be responsive to different browser sizes. Flexbox is the perfect tool for building a responsive website navigation. So in this post I’ve put together 25 Responsive Flexbox Navigation Menu Examples for inspiration to create a usable and extensible navigation menu system that work for a number of situations.

25 Pure CSS Parallax Scrolling Examples

The parallax effect is created when the user is scrolling through a website and multiple backgrounds or images are moving at different speeds. It creates a sense of depth and overall it’s a fun experience. Pure CSS parallax is also easier to implement than Javascript, and is often more performant. When building single-page sites, generally you rely on javascript plugins to create effects for images and animations. So here is collection of cool CodePens featuring Parallax animation effects in pure CSS for inspiration to use in an upcoming project or learning a new trick in the quest to do more with front end.

25 Awesome CSS Star Rating Examples

Star rating can be found everywhere. It is a standard rating scale that’s being used by popular marketplace sites. Star rating is a valuable metric that tells others what most of the people think about a certain product, an app or a movie in general. A star rating comprises of stars with the amount usually at a maximum of five. You let your users rate an item using stars. One star means poor; five is excellent. By selecting more than one star, all previous stars should be filled.