40 Best CodePen Demos for Ecommerce Website

Online shopping follows the same standard as offline shopping. No matter how good your products are, but if your app is not as well-presented as your products, people won’t buy. Whether it is apps for apparels or gadgets, we just love eCommerce app with intuitive interfaces, catchy designs and subtle animation effect. So in this post I’ve gathered CSS and Javascript examples from CodePen that you can use it for inspiration to implement it in your ecommerce website.

15 Awesome CodePen Demos for CSS Pagination

Pagination is still the most popular way to load new items on a website. Pagination is when the content of a website is divided over multiple pages that are linked together through some navigational system. If you scroll to the bottom of a page and see the row of numbers – that row of numbers is a site’s or app’s pagination. This UI pattern can use number indicators, or “older” or “next” links. With pagination implemented in this manner, any visitors to the website will be able to browse through more content, since the user will be able to visualize their location compared to the other pages.

22 Excellent Web Carousel Design Examples

A carousel is a list of cards that can be shuffled to display different content. Ideally, each card contains a different item that the user can browse from left and right. Carousel is an effective way of displaying images or content cards. They can add visual interest and reduce clutter. Users can scroll through each image or video by swiping on mobile devices or clicking the left-right arrows on desktop. So if you are looking for inspiration to designing beautiful and effective carousel, here are 22 Web Carousel Design Examples.

25 Creative Web Color Picker Designs

A color picker allows the user to select a color from a set of colors. It is one of the most fundamental and important form element in web design. So here are 25 Creative Web Color Picker Designs for inspiration to create color picker from scratch that you can use in your applications.

40 Informative and Fun CSS 404 Error Page Examples

404 is an HTTP response code that indicates the server could not find the page requested. 404 error page informs users that they`ve followed a non-existent link or typed an address that doesn`t exist. Users may be upset when it happens. Creating interactive error pages are great to engage users and it also can turn a bad experience into a delightful one. So here are 40 Informative and Fun CSS 404 Error Pages Examples that you can use as inspiration to design a user-friendly error page.

50 Interesting CodePen Demos 2018 To Learn New Tricks

CodePen is a place to write and share front-end code, show off your work, build test cases and find inspiration. So in this post I put together 50 Interesting CodePen Demos 2018 To Learn New Tricks. Some of these pens could be great ideas to use in an upcoming project or learning a new trick in the quest to do more with front end.