25 Great Dribbble Shots Turned Into Codepen

CodePen is the perfect place to share code and play with ideas and concepts in a sandbox and Dribbble is the ultimate sandbox for designers — a place where front-end developer can find examples, and try to implement them in CSS. It`s good practice to go on dribbble, find some interesting design and try to code that. So if need some front-end inspiration, here are some 25 Great Dribbble Shots Turned Into Codepen.

21 Cool CSS Hamburger Menu Animations

A humburger menu is most popular UI element on almost all modern websites. Since it’s first appearance in the official Facebook app, it looks like the hamburger, or mobile icon, is about to claim the title of King of Menus and Ruler of Responsive and Mobile Design Patterns. So if you are looking for new ways to animate those three lines in to a neat X, check out this post.