35 Business Card Templates for Photographer, Artist & Designer

Business cards are about creating something memorable. The simple act of sharing your contact information can be extremely mundane, or the card can provide an experience for the person receiving it. So in this post I’ve collected 35 Business Card Templates for Photographer, Artist & Designer to help you develop one that your clients will be sure to remember.

25 Gorgeous Holographic Business Card Designs

Holographic is something that shows all colors of rainbow when lights is reflect from its surface. It creates a silvery rainbow-like effect, kind of like the back of a CD or DVD. Holographic foils can come in patterns, like dots or prisms. It’s appear as if its color keep changing because of the way lights reflects. When the light isn’t reflect it appear silver or other color depends on what color underneath it.

25 Striking Stationery Branding Design Templates

Showcase your brand identity by creating corporate stationery for your business. While they are useful tools in the office, they’re also valuable marketing tools that express credibility, professionalism, and legitimacy to customers and fellow businesses. So here are 25 Striking Stationery Branding Templates to impress your employees, customers, and fellow businesses by creating well-designed corporate stationery.

25 Modern Business Card Designs with Attractive Visual Impact

In the modern world a small piece of paper named “a business card” serves mostly for enlarging the number of useful contacts for your own business. Modern business card design is the proper blend and balance of color, shape, size, illustrations, photographs, and typography. So in this post we are going to showcase 25 Modern Business Card Designs with Attractive Visual Impact for inspiration to create interesting and memorable business cards.

18 Inspiring Tattoo Business Card Designs

A business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable if done right. Just like on the website, business cards can be great interactive elements, but with the additional ability to have the texture of real, different materials and shapes. There are no rules for creative card business design, unique, modern, simple, cool.

40 Best PSD Business Card Designs 2019

Business card is still a useful tool for personally connecting with clients and promoting your brand, despite advances in technology and the rise of social media networks like LinkedIn. If you are trying to engage with your clients as well as entice them to find out more about what your company does – all in a memorable way, one of the best ways to accomplish all of these things at once is with a well-designed, eye-catching business card. So here are 40 PSD business card designs that you can use to increases your chances to win clients` attention and create a brand identity you can be proud of.

40 Typographic Business Cards That Will Catch Your Eye

Typography is one of the most important visual elements in business card design that helps in visually communicating business values, creating hierarchy and clarity and converting your desired target audience. So in this post we`ve collected 40 Typographic Business Cards That Will Catch Your Eye for inspiration to creating a well-designed business card that`s professional, distinctive, and makes a lasting impression.

40 Great Uses Of Pattern In Business Card Design

Presentation is everything. Business card is no exception. Business card`s goal is to send a clear message to its reader, and using pattern sets the tone. The color, wording and pattern of business card have a lot to do with its appeal and ability to convey business image. So in this post we`ve collected great examples of a designer cleverly using pattern in business card to communicate their message. Hope they will give you some ideas and inspiration for your next business card design project!