20 Javascript Libraries to Build Form Validation Like a Boss

Every developer knows how complex and tricky form validation can be. Ideally, users fill in the form with necessary information and finish the job successfully. However, people often make mistakes. This is where form validation comes into play. So in this post I’ve gathered some useful Javascript library that you can use to set up a form validation for your projects.

20 Angular UI Element Directives For Bootstrap

Directives are an awesome tool that essentially lets you create new HTML tags, or supercharge existing tags with attributes. Directives allow you to create custom HTML components. It can be attributes, classes or elements. Using elements allows us to create modular UI components for web apps. So in this post we`ve collected some useful Bootstrap ui components remade as AngularJS directives.

25 Awesome AngularJS Web UI Framework Components

Designing and implementing the UI of an application is an important part of the development process. Writing custom CSS style for each component from scratch can deliver a high level of customization, but also requires a large amount of resources. Sometimes it is better to use the existing UI frameworks. So here are some best UI frameworks based on AngularJS that provide ready to use UI components for the web.

25 Useful AngularJS Directives For Web Developer

Directives are one of the most powerful features of AngularJS. They allow you to create highly semantic and reusable components and manipulate pretty much everything in the DOM that you would want to. So in this post we`ve gathered some useful AngularJS directives which allow you to extend the HTML & add additional functionality to your web app.

Top 25 AngularJS Admin Design Templates

AngularJS has as main advantage that you can separate your web application into views and load them separately, keeping the site source lightweight and modular. Here are our Top 25 AngularJS Admin Design Templates that perfectly crafted to give the dashboard of your AngularJS application a fantastic UI and UX for you to use on your next website or app admin area.