20 Great Android App UI Designs

Great design inspires us, helps get the creative juices flowing, and simply, it’s just fun to look at or engage with. So, if you are a designer who needs some inspiration for android app design, here is showcase of some great examples that you can learn from.

43 Stunning Mobile App UI Designs Inspiration

Looking at examples of different user interface patterns could give us the ideas we need to design something amazing. If you’re designing a mobile app UI for the first time or in need of specific design solutions, here are 43 mobile app UI designs to get your creative juices flowing.

10 Cool Photography Apps for Android

Whether or not you’re the proud owner of an Android smartphone, there’s a high chance that at least 1 Facebook photo in every 3 of yours was taken on one. Since the rise of the App Store the number of cool looking photography apps offering to edit your pictures into photo masterpieces has become almost mind-boggling. Cutting through the rubbish is what we do at All My Faves, so read this list of the top 10 cool photography apps in the Android market before you download.