27 Mesmerizing Anamorphic Designs That Will Make You Look Twice

Anamorphic or Anamorphosis or whatever you prefer to call the effect when you have to view a space from a specific vantage point to properly see an image that otherwise appears distorted. To remove the distortion and bring the image back to the way you normally expect to see it, you have to view it in a special way. These anamorphic images do not make sense unless you know how or where to place your eye. They are hidden until you look from the correct place. So in this post we`ve collected 27 Mesmerizing Anamorphic Designs That Will Make You Look Twice that will jumpstart your creativity and help you create some inspired designs.

15 Stunning Examples Of Anamorphic Typography

Anamorphic typography is an illusion where the type looks just right when viewed from the exact right spot, but it looks stretch and warped when viewed from anywhere. Most commonly seen in corridors, doorways or open rooms, the type is plastered or painted down the walls and other surfaces at distorted angles. This makes the type pretty much unreadable, until that is, you are positioned in exactly the right place, then the type reads as if it was on a piece of invisible paper right in front of your face. So here are 15 stunning examples of anamorphic typography.