Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions can be a tremendous time-saver for those folks who usually follow a specific style or a few in their photo editing workflow. Instead of doing the same number of steps over and over again every time you wanna post process a photo, you can just do all of that within a few seconds with the click of one button. Here are 25 Free Photoshop actions that will help you achieve amazing vintage photo effects on your own images.

65 Free Set of Photoshop Actions For Photography

Photoshop actions are recorded sequences of image alterations that can be played over and over again on various images. They allow for reproductible results on a serie of images. Using photoshop actions is simple, download photoshop actions below and then open Photoshop and go to the action window and click on the little triangle in the upper right corner the choose “load action”.Browse your folders and select the action you just downloaded and that’s it! You will now find the newly loaded action in the action window with all its options. To use it simply click on the play button on the bottom of the palette and watch! Enjoy.