25 Beginner Friendly Three.js Tutorials & Examples

Three.js is a Javascript framework build on top of WebGL which makes it easier to create 3D graphics in the browser, it uses a canvas + WebGL to display the 3D scene. If you want to do 3D models scenes, more like real 3D, use Three.js. It`s a nice and simple layer on top of WebGL, it is well documented, and has a lot of documentation. Start with the Three.js documentation or check out these tutorials and examples below.

26 Cool Fonts For 3D Design Project

Having a wide range of fonts and typefaces available is always important. Three-dimensional designs can make an ordinary design pop, so why not add a few 3D fonts to your next design project. So if you are looking to try something different in your next design, here are 26 fonts that are specially designed for 3D work.

40+ Amazing CSS 3D Design Examples

3D elements are very trendy in web design right now. They can add that right feeling to your website. They are becoming very easy to make and there is now a wider variety of libraries that people can use to make them. We often see the use of a dominating 3D image on the landing page, and the rest of the website appears in flat design. This manages to keep logistics under control, and ensures that browsing is not hindered. The result is visitor stays on board. So in this post, we will list out 40+ CSS 3D Design Examples which you can use as inspiration.

25 Totally Mind-boggling Surreal 3D Illustrations

If you see a pig wearing a wig fly out of your coffee cup, you can be sure that you are having a surreal experience. So here are 25 totally mind-boggling surreal 3D illustrations that combine unrelated elements to create a bizarre scene for inspiration.

8 jQuery CSS Paper Folding Effect Plugins

One of the trends that I notice in web design is the paper folding effect. Here in this post I am going to give you few resources that will surely inspire you to achieve paper folding effect in web development.