Top 10 Best Title Templates for Premiere Pro 2019

In an ever-changing content world, one thing is for sure: attention spans have never been shorter. Whether your finished video production will land on YouTube or in front of a corporate audience, you only have a few seconds to compete for an audience’s attention.

That’s why building a great video title is so important. It increases the probability that an audience will stay tuned into your content. Video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro usually have built-in title templates, but they’re far from the eye-catching intro sequences that you need to start your project.

In this round-up, you’ll see tricks and templates that will help you build your best Premiere Pro title yet!

How to Use Video Titles Effectively in Adobe Premiere Pro

Titles don’t have to be complex to be effective. In fact, simplicity and brevity are both keys to ensuring that you don’t lose your viewer to another suggested video (hello, YouTube.)

One of my favorite examples of a simple and straightforward is on the YouTube travel channel, Lost LeBlanc. In the video below, the first 15 seconds perfectly capture the essence of an effective title.

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This video hits the mark perfectly: an animated intro to capture the channel’s brand, plus eye-catching clips that tease the video ahead. It builds anticipation for what’s to come and gives the viewer a clear preview of the content.

Great video titles come in all shapes and sizes but often share the same principles. Here are three to keep in mind when you’re building your next title animation:

  • Keep the title brief – remember, you’re always racing the clock when trying to capture an audience. The intro should set up the video and quickly cut to the action so that you don’t lose your audience.
  • Match the video title to the style of your video – if your video is futuristic and sci-fi, don’t use a stuffy corporate template for the intro. Matching the intro to the overall production is important so that you set the tone for your video.
  • Incorporate your branding – particularly for the Tube channels, your Premiere Pro title should capture your logo and other elements of your brand. Re-use the intro you build to create a strong brand that your audience will immediately recognize.

If you aren’t an animator, how can you still build one of the best Premiere intros? Keep reading to learn more.

The 10 Best Premiere Pro Title Templates

Every video editing suite features a learning curve, and Premiere Pro is no exception. It’s one of the more user-friendly apps for video creation, but some tasks still take too much time. Learning animation and motion graphics from scratch and using them to create your title takes too much time, especially when you have other video production priorities.

That’s why it helps to use Premiere Pro templates to create a title. When you start with a template, you have the chance to choose the best intro that matches your style. Just open it, add your details, and tack it onto your existing production. Templates already have everything you need but don’t sacrifice customization.

All of the Premiere Pro templates in this round-up set the tone for an exciting and engaging video. Let’s look at 10 of the best Premiere Pro title templates.

Note: some of these templates require Adobe After Effects to fully customize the title template.

1. CallOuts For Premiere Pro and After Effects

If you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro, this title pack will make it easy for you to create an illustrative intro. With the help of a callout package, you can use animated text to draw attention to your most important details. This template is advanced enough to be used as a standalone intro, or you can add it to an existing video to bring focus to specific info.

2. Ultra Modern Titles & Lower Thirds

Any of the awesome presets in the Ultra Modern Titles and Lower Thirds pack will help you build an intro that captures your audience. These easily customizable Adobe Premiere Pro titles have a simple, clean design that fits everything from corporate to creative presentations. The seven different designs are optimized for Premiere and make this package one of the top choices in the round-up.

3. 70 Glitch Title Animation Presets

Glitch templates are far from the simplistic and subtle effects that you’ll find built into Premiere Pro. With shaky and jumpy animations, you’re likely to grab an audience’s attention at the beginning. Glitch title templates are perfect for any type of technology presentation, whether you’re going retro or need something that catches the eye like digital distortion. The more than 70 implementations of the glitch effect are perfect for building an intro.

4. Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles

The Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles hits the sweet spot between eye-catching and easy-to-use. This intro feature title elements that are unique, well-organized, and require no plugins. Easily add your photos and videos to the modern, simple, clean titles or the elegant corporate promo titles. The smooth animation, simple typography, and motion graphics make this awesome Premiere Pro template the perfect choice for your next project.

5. Redacted Titles for Premiere Pro

Feeling secretive? Lock away your key details in the Redacted Titles package. The redacted effect gives your audience the sense that some details just can’t be shared. The five easily editable and customizable designs mean that these Premiere Pro title templates can be used in a variety of settings, but these title templates really shine in documentary type projects like conspiracies, cover-ups, and government-themed videos.

6. Modern Titles Pack II for Premiere Pro

A great general purpose package for text-based intros, this template is a smooth start to your next production. These title templates give you a vast range of options with simple and clean animations that fit practically any genre of video production. Just type over the built-in text placeholders to customize it to your liking. The modern style of these title templates finds the balance between eye-catching and not overly distracting.

7. Minimal Titles and Lower Thirds

Featuring 16 animated title presets, a motion graphics template, and precise color controls, the Minimal Titles and Lower Thirds template could be used in a range of projects because of the dynamic, clean, and elegant design. No plugins are required to customize the title templates. Put these awesome Premiere Pro templates to work in your next project for simple, text-based introductions.

8. Kinetic Titles

Put your title in motion with the Kinetic Titles asset. The clean and minimal stylish design of these user-friendly and editable Premiere title templates make them a go-to for any project. Mix and match the text animation presets to create a strong, animated opener. Whether you need a good opener or to put emphasis on specific quotes in your presentation, the flashy typography in this project sets the stage for an uptempo video.

9. Minimal Glitch Titles

For a simpler implementation of the glitch effect, this title template is perfect. It strikes the balance between glitchy and minimal with multiple motions that capture a viewer’s attention. The Minimal Glitch Titles Premiere title templates are full of perfect animation and give you control over the duration of the glitch effect so that your intro matches your video’s tone.

10. Titles

The Titles Premiere Pro project gives you simple and modern design options for your project. These awesome Premiere Pro templates are easy to use and customize and require no plugins for use. These Adobe Premiere Pro templates combine placeholders, motion graphics, and slick typography for the best introductions.

Download the Best Adobe Premiere Pro Titles

Even though Adobe Premiere Pro is easy-to-use, you can always save time by starting with a template like one featured above. Every video production app features a learning curve, and you can conquer that quickly with the best templates.

If you clicked through to any of the templates in this round-up, you likely saw that they all have a common host: Envato Elements. In fact, you can download all of the best Premiere Pro intros for a single flat rate when you subscribe to Elements.

The Premiere title templates you saw in this round-up and hundreds more are available as a part of a single subscription thanks to Envato Elements and its simple licensing.

It’s an added bonus that Envato Elements features many other assets as part of the flat-rate subscription model. That includes the best stock footage, imagery, and motion graphics that complement your project perfectly. Mixing and matching those assets costs nothing extra thanks to Elements’ flat-rate subscription model.

The best titles are easy to build when you use a Premiere Pro template that already has the foundation laid for your intro. Don’t spend your time learning video animation from scratch. Instead, grab a Premiere Pro title template, drop in your details, and create your best video yet.

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