15 Free Stunning Blackletter Fonts

Blackletter is characterized by tight spacing and condensed lettering. Evenly spaced verticals dominated the letterform. While blackletter is not the appropriate choice for every design application, it has so much more potential to offer graphic designers than the advertising campaign headlines and posters it is normally used for today. So here are 15 Free Stunning Blackletter Fonts that will give your designs a dramatic look with it’s thin and thick strokes and the elaborate swirls on the serifs.

Bajern – A Free Typeface

Bajern — A Free Typeface

A typeface inspired by German frakturs with a twist of Sweden. It’s like german engineering combined with allemansrätt. Like oktoberfest combined with smörgåsbord.

Gothic Modern Typeface

Gothic Modern Typeface

This free blackletter font is absolutely amazing when it comes to something dark and strong. DemonLetter could be useful for movie title, games and apps logo, or anything that suite it’s genre.

Scotland – Free Old School Blackletter Display Font

Scotland - Free Old School Blackletter Display Font

This is an old-school blackletter display font that features a subtle vintage texture. Perfect for any traditional, grunge or vintage design project.

Gothic Tangram Free Font

Gothic Tangram Free Font

Typeface created from two main influences: the basic shapes square, triangle and parallelogram from the oriental game Tangram, along with the aesthetics of the Black Letters, from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Metal Blackletter – Free Font

Metal Blackletter - Free Font

Geometric blackletter with a heavy metal feel. This typeface will help you produce words that are unique and memorable.

Rhama Gothic Typeface

Rhama Gothic Typeface

Rhama is a gothic style typeface specially made for designers to be used mainly on Victorian style design projects.

Goliath Inline Grunge

Free Font - Goliath Inline Grunge

Unique vintage & ornamental style custom font. Great for your vintage or tattoo style projects.


Kodex - Free Font

Kodex is a free blackletter typeface, trying to shake the boundaries between old and new, tradition and contemporary.

Ozymandias Free Typeface

Ozymandias - Free Typeface

It is a geometric modern blackletter typeface. It’s primarily compo-sed of diamonds, elongated diamonds and lines that con-nect it all while being fully composed using a grid. It’s most prominent feature would be the 30° angle taper that all strokes agree with.

Wesley Gothic

Wesley Gothic | Free Font

This is perfect for heading, logo creation, clothing, fashion, tattoo lettering, advertisements, labels, posters and much more!

Millennium Blackletter Typeface

Millennium Blackletter Typeface

The lettering of the past epochs is eternal! Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols were precisely designed, copying the ancient typefaces — anywhere you go, this vintage font will turn into an excellent piece of inspiration. Logos, wedding invitations, greeting cards, posters and much more will have some of the gothic touch with Millennium font family. Finally, the trend of medieval art is at all times, and following its dogmas assures your success.

Skeleton Type One Poster

Skeleton Type One Poster

Skeleton type one is a fractured grotesque experiment. Good choice when bored with fraktur – try this one.



This is suitable for a wide range of design projects, clothing labels, packaging, posters, vintage to black gothic metal font.

Ravenholm Font Family

Ravenholm Font Family

Ravenholm family is new modern gothic typeface, color font.

Pindunk Typeface

Free | Pindunk Typeface

Pindunk is a typeface, created by Tama Putra, inspired from gothic style.
The Pindunk typeface includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as multi-lingual and currency support, numerals, punctuations, alternates, ligatures and some extra glyphs.


  1. Improving your typewriting and writing in a gothic font are pretty much mutually exclusive. But if you want to learn, search for calligraphy tutorials – it’s not just those swirly letters.

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