8 Feedback Tools For Web Designers & Developers

With current technology almost anyone can make a decent website. It’s getting easier, better, faster everyday. The problem is lack of free flowing, quality communication between web designers, developers and clients. Here are some best feedback tools that web developers & designers can use to communicate about issues and share information with teams, clients, colleagues, and quality assurance engineers.


Feedbag.io is an innovative tool for presenting design files for feedback. Users simply upload their image files into a virtual project bag, and then they distribute a provided URL to the parties who will review the designs. Individuals who are sent the URL can explore the design files and make comments on them to provide feedback. Anyone with a browser can submit files and review them for comment.



Red Pen is one of those tiny yet useful apps that you should add to your design toolbelt. It might not be as essential to your work as Photoshop, but it sure might keep you from pulling your hair out when you need feedback on your designs.



Concept Inbox is a tool for designers to get feedback and approval from their clients in a simple way. It provides an easy to use workspace where designers can share designs with clients, get feedback from them and get approval faster, avoiding endless calls and misunderstandings that cause delays on deadlines.



Usersnap is a visual bug tracker for everyone working on a web project. Bug tracking, browser testing and giving feedback was never easier.



TrackDuck, a visual feedback and issue tracking startup, is aimed at small and mid-size organisations and freelancers. It lets the clients of small businesses and freelancers send feedback on a web site’s build process right there on the screen.



inVision is a prototyping web app that allows you to upload screenshots and create an experience out of them. You can easily let others interact with the screenshots to get a feel for how they’d interact with the real application, before you put down any code. On top of that, the users can place comments anywhere on the screen, which you can then view, as well as check off as completed.



BugHerd is a visual bug tracker that has solved the way developers and designers collaborate on web projects. Gone are the days of sending countless emails back and forth or annotating screengrabs. Clients only need to point and click on an issue and fill out a description. All the necessary information such as browser, operating system and screen resolution are automatically added and turned into a visual and actionable task!


Cage App

Cage App offers numerous benefits for those with plenty of web design work to share. From websites, to banner ads and landing pages, Cage App is a designers dream for content collaboration.


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