25 Most Exquisite Serif Fonts

A serif is the small extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letters. Some serifs are subtle and others are pronounced and obvious. They are particularly useful for large blocks of text and may not work well in small sizes. So if you are looking for the best serif font collection for your text contents, here is a list of 25 Most Exquisite Serif Fonts that you should check out.

Bw Darius font family

This is an elegant wedge serif typeface, halfway between the transitional and didone genres, with a sharper approach to terminals without falling on the stiffness of the didones. The wide skeleton, modern proportions and high contrast, all contribute to the opulent personality of this font.

Bw Darius font family

Solar Vesta

This collection houses both Script & Serif fonts that compliment each other perfectly. This is a sharp and robust fashion-based typeface, incorporating that beautiful contrast between thick and thin.

Solar Vesta | Font Collection

Antique – Luxury Serif Typeface

This is a classic and slightly curved serif typeface. It has a little bit of personality and can be used for headers and body copy in heavier weights.

Antique - Luxury Serif Typeface


Its variety of weights provides a range of choices that will help you find the best typographic color for your project. Lighter weights are well-suited for body text while heavier ones are ideal for high impact headlines. The available stylistic alternates offer a number of different characters that give your logo or business card a unique look.


Scarllet Serif

This is a bold classy looks great for headline, title, logos with elegant vintage vibe.

Scarllet Serif

Gorgone – A Versatile Serif

A versatile serif that brings the luxury feel. Gorgone is suitable for you who needs a typeface.

Gorgone - A Versatile Serif

Nathanos – Serif Typeface

It is a modern serif font typeface. This font will pair beautifully with the script, signature or handwriting style.

Nathanos - Serif Typeface

Haddie Modern Serif Font Family

This is a modern and classy serif typeface which will add charm into your designs.

Haddie Modern Serif Font Family


Deleplace is a modern, delicate and refined typeface that is both contemporary and hints at a classical past. Featured in 3 weights, this family includes an extended language support that covers extended latin and cyrillic scripts.


Lara – Sophisticated Serif Typeface

Lara is a classic and slightly curved serif typeface. Its striking look makes it perfect for headers.

Lara - Sophisticated Serif Typeface

Cammron Serif Font Family

This is a modern dashing serif font family. It includes all basic glyphs with Non-English characters. This font will pair beautifully with the script, signature or handwriting style.

Cammron Serif Font Family

Addington CF

Beautiful yet practical – a versatile typeface with elements of calligraphy, traditional serifs, and new ideas – Addington is a trusty go-to serif.

Addington CF | beautiful serif font family

RNS Camelia

Camelia is an demi–slab display type family with reversed strokes to achieve an unexpected look and rythm. Was designed and optimized for use in large sizes.

RNS Camelia


Create gorgeous + timeless designs and logos with London, a luxe designer serif.

London | A Luxe Serif


Sundays is a modern serif font that mixes the modern and classic. Inspired by fonts like Baskerville.

Sundays -  Modern Serif Font


Isabel was made out of necessity to create a new font for children and teenagers, that could be enough friendly and versatile for text in words or even easy-to- read long texts.


Quas Stencil

Quas is the perfect typeface to create sleek and elegant headlines and logo designs. It pairs well with both script and sans-serif fonts.

Quas Stencil

Aguero Serif – Clean & Elegant Font

It is a modern serif font family whose design refers us to the style of transitional serifs. The distinctive features of this Font are the relatively low contrast of strokes, the slightly squarish shapes of round characters and the emphasized businesslike nature.

Aguero Serif - Clean & Elegant Font

Merova – Classic Serif (5 Fonts)

This is a classic and elegant serif with many style. Merova contains a bunch of alternates for each characters that will make your presentation or logo even more stunning and stand out!

Merova - Classic Serif (5 Fonts)

Palash – Serif Font

Palash is a great typeface for creating beautiful and elegant headlines and logo designs.

Palash - Serif Font


A legible and well-balanced Serif, with elegant fashion-conscious characteristics.


Roxborough CF

It is a dramatic serif, influenced by calligraphy and hand lettering.

Roxborough CF | calligraphic serif

Aspal Typeface Font

This minimalistic and classy all-caps serif typeface features with regular and stencil style.

Aspal Typeface Font


This is bold with three more variations, outline, shadow and blur versions. Its unique curves with slab look is fantastic choice for your next project.


Vera Typeface

Vera is a tall and slender serif display font. It comes in rough, regular and oblique styles and includes multilingual uppercase characters, alternate letters, numbers and punctuation.

Vera Typeface

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