25 Striking Stationery Branding Design Templates

Showcase your brand identity by creating corporate stationery for your business. While they are useful tools in the office, they’re also valuable marketing tools that express credibility, professionalism, and legitimacy to customers and fellow businesses. So here are 25 Striking Stationery Branding Templates to impress your employees, customers, and fellow businesses by creating well-designed corporate stationery.

Minimal Stationery Design Template PSD

Minimal Stationery Design Template

Simplicity is always in style in graphic design and it has even influenced corporate stationery designs. Consumers are now used to seeing clean and uncluttered designs, especially in digital media. Many companies have taken note and went for a more minimalist approach in their branding. Many eliminated unnecessary graphic elements and replaced them with the brand patterns or colour as design accents.

Corporate Identity Pack INDD

Corporate Identity Pack

This is branding identity pack, clean, modern and professional with strong typography make your Identity look professional. It’s created in Adobe InDesign with four items documents with two paper sizes on letterhead including US Letter and International A4.


Builder | Construction Corporate Branding Identity

This is a series of templates to help present your construction business field in a clean and cohesive way. This pack consist Company Profile Brochure, Flyer, Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope design. All items are print ready and super editable.

Branding Stationery Pack PSD INDD PDF JPG

Branding Stationery Pack

A clean Corporate Identity Pack that will suit any of your business.

Modern Geometric Pattern Stationery AI JPG EPS

Modern Geometri Pattern Stationery

Stationary set for branding identity purposes, very easy to adapt and customize.

PetakBulek PSD


Creative and Minimalist flyer, perfect for any personal or corporate use. It’s ideal for any company project.

Business Colorful Stationery AI EPS

Business Colorful Stationery

A conventional symmetrical design may look very balanced but can come across as boring. But this template using asymmetrical layouts to create an interesting and dynamic stationery design.

Stationery INDD


Simple to work with and highly customizable, it ca be easely adjusted to fit your needs. Minimal and Professional Corporate Stationery / Identity templates for creative businesses, created in Adobe InDesign in International DIN A4 and US Letter size.

Modern Purple Business Stationery AI EPS

Modern Purple Business Stationery

If you are looking to create a striking, but unobtrusive branding, take this stationery items as brand identity starting point.

Stationery INDD


Company stationery should have a simple layout without unnecessary clutter. The design of your business stationery should be simplistic and clean. This is branding template with a clean design that allows brand awareness and provides focus to your content.

Corporate Identity PSD EPS AI

Corporate Identity

This is an elite and superior work for the branding identity. This Branding Identity for any personal or commercial uses. This Identity set will help you in your business to save time for all in one package.

Stylish stationery set DOC PSD INDD

Stylish stationery set

This is a stylish and elegant printable corporate / business stationery set, The clean layout and subtle colors conveys to your current and potential clients that the company is reliable, professional, credible, more captivating and builds a positive image for your company or brand.

Floralium Corporate Identity DOC AI PSD

Floralium Corporate Identity

This Branding Identity Pack is suitable for your Company or Organizations identity. All items are print ready and editable.

Minimal Stationery Design Template PSD

Minimal Stationery Design Template

One of the biggest brand trends in graphic design is gradients. Gradients give any design depth and character while flat colours come across as limiting and boring. It’s no surprise that many designers follow this trend even when designing a company’s branded stationery.

Geometric Brochures and Stationery PSD

Geometric Brochures and Stationery

Elegant and interesting set to present their services. Package contains all sorts of brochures and office materials such as business cards, letterhead, or a folder.

ChefBistro Stationery Design PSD

ChefBistro Stationery Design

This is a clean and professional stationery design template that can be used for any purpose of food-related businesses such as cafe, bistro, restaurant, food blogger, catering, culinary video publisher, etc.

Deeprock Stationery Set & Invoice AI EPS INDD PSD

Deeprock Stationery Set & Invoice

This item is a professional and creative Stationery Set & Invoice. These layouts are completely editable and customizable with your contents. The files are created in order to be used by everyone, with just a basic knowledge of the softwares. Deeprock is a fictitious brand name and can be easily changed with yours.

Business Stationery Template 18 AI EPS PSD

Business Stationery Template 18

Stationery Pack Included Beautiful Visiting card, Letterhead, Document Folder and Letter envelope.

Colorful Abstract Stationery AI EPS

Colorful Abstract Stationery

Surprise your employees and business partners with your amazing branded stationery.

Colorful Bright Stationery AI EPS

Colorful Bright Stationery

This template comes with awesome business card. Business cards are an obvious but important need for companies. A well designed business card is a crucial piece of stationery to keep in contact with potential customers. A business owner should always have a few business cards on them where ever they go.

Olive Identity Stationery Template AI PDF

Olive Identity Stationery Template

It includes everything thats needed for every business – Business card design, A4 form design, folder and envelope design – everything made to be remembered by your clients, unique design. Custom envelopes with a company logo on them are an excellent way to give off a serious and professional image. If you mail to your customers often you should consider a custom envelope to increase recognizability among prospects.

Modish Wedding Invitation Stationery PSD

Modish Wedding Invitation Stationery

Have a wonderful wedding moment with this sweet vintage style wedding invitation set. The set comes with invitation, rsvp & save the date card.

Stationery Set INDD JPG PDF

Stationery Set

It’s professional, fresh and clean InDesign stationary template. It is for designers working on corporate or based on the projects. It’s available in business cards, envelope, letterhead, and business folder. Each item features unique layouts with strong typography.

ProBiz PSD

ProBiz - Stationery Elements

This is a simple and elegant stationery, which can be used in many industries. This can be edited in any way using different fonts and colors. The system is also at your disposal. Create an original promotion for your business.

Stationery Identity 008 AI EPS INDD PSD

Stationery Identity 008

A High-end masculine stationery identity for branding.


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