30 Striking CMYK Inspired Flyer Templates

Color plays an important role in everyday life. It can affect your mood, your impression of a brand, and even influence your buying choices. Getting the color right in your designs is crucial if you want to convey the right message. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some colour printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, most of the printed materials that are produced in most places today make use of CMYK printing process. So here are 30 striking flyer templates using CMYK-inspired color to encourage people to come to your show, buy your product, etc.

by yaniv-k

Radio Shake Flyer Template

by Guuver

Retro Disco Flyer

by kinzishots

Print Shop Flyer Template

by tanpopo

 Get Minimal - Flyer 02


Glow Flyer Template

by sevenstyles

CMYK Flyer Template

by saramatyas

Electro Kicks A3 Party Flyer

by cleanstroke

Top Kids Flyer Bundle

by 1jaykey

Festival of Color Event Flyer

by mantushetty

 Neon / Glow Party Flyer


 Glow Party Flyer

by creatwitter

 Color Mixer Guest Dj Template PSD Poster/ Flyer

by kinzishots

 Food Drive Flyer Template

by touringxx

 Chic Flyer Template

by InTheSky15

 Lets Play Birthday Party V2 Flyer Template

by Teestrim

 Color Splash - Flyer Template

by tornadador

 Retro Futuristic Vol.2

by Suhandi

 Hip Hop New Year Battle - Psd Flyer

by like_smith

 Party Poster/Flyer

by vokeiartz

 Miami House Party Flyer

by david82flash

 Flyer 90's Night Party

by monggokerso

 Kids Summer

by Dilanr

 Kids Festival Flyer

by creativeartx

 All Night Disco Party

by Flyermania

 Sexy Summer Flyer Template

by MonkeyBOX

 Flyer Dance Fridays Konnekt

by david82flash

 Flyer Remember Time 90's - Disco Night Party

by 1jaykey

 Remix Sundays Party Flyer

by SetsunaSensei

 Mighty to Save Church Flyer

by MonkeyBOX

 Flyer Foam Party Konnekt

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