20 Awesome InDesign & PSD Photography Brochure Templates

Photography promotion seems to always come back to your prior work. Be prepared and professional and do your best work on every job. Display your work where it matters. This serves to draw clients to you or others who have been your client. Remember that your clients will display your work and others will ask who they used. You want them to relay a positive experience all-around, not just the photographic results.

Is marketing important for photographers? You bet it is! It can make a big difference in your pocket and bank account! But even though it’s important, many photographers are struggling. Just as a website and business cards are crucial to your marketing plan, an effective brochure is also important. Here are 20 InDesign and PSD photography brochure templates that clearly convey your best work to attract customers.

Photography Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Customers interested in fine art photography. Primarily travel, landscape and wildlife photography for sale on high quality print or canvas. It can be used for handing out to prospective customers at art shows and gallery viewings.


HappySnaps Photography

It is conscientious, nice designs, good detail, easy to work with.


Fashion Photography Catalog / Brochure

Perfect for fashion show display, fashion collection, lookbook, model agency, photograher, any portfolio with a lot of pictures like architecture, urban design, magazine or journey presentation.



Photography Portfolio Brochure Template

Clean and professional looks for your portfolio design. Carefully crafted for you to display your portfolio. Easy to costumize even for beginner. Just click and drag & drop, your portfolio presented in instance.


Minimalfolio Photography Portfolio A4 Brochure

Minimalfolio is a horizontal photography portfolio A4 brochure. Minimal style makes a clean and elegant look. Highly organized elements (on differents layers). Ideal for photographers, web and graphic designers and other people where image portfolio is required. Contains 12 pages (you can duplicate them, increase or decrease number of pages in brochure) with customized Master Pages. Pack includes two color versions: light and dark. Brochure also includes custom made styles for paragraphs & objects.


Photography Portfolio Brochure

Clean, understated, highly professional, modern. Subtle colors, earthtones.


Personal Photography Portfolio

If you intend to make money with your photography you’re going to need more than just artistic skill and creativity. You also need to know how to promote your skills so that others know what you have to offer them. Yes, brochures are old school. Outdated, perhaps. But not entirely useless. Old school things appeal to an old-school audience, so it’s good to have a brochure handy to give to someone who isn’t all that keen on the more popular digitized ways of exchanging information.


Photography Tri-fold Brochure

Whether taking photos is a creative or professional pursuit, using brochure is one of the most powerful tools that both budding and established photographers can use to promote their work.


Modern Photography Portfolio

Modern Photography Portfolio, Wedding Album is a 24 paged A4 + US Letter brochure / portfolio made for photographers, graphic designers, artists and other who want to show their work in different, creative way. Great for making wedding albums, corporate brochures, product showcase etc.


Simple Photography Portfolio

An elegant, professional, simple and ultra-clean layout for your Brochure Portfolio. It’s very easy to edit, all you need to do is just to change content and images. It’s fully customizable.


Wedding Photography Catalogue Template

As a professional wedding photographer you can use this template to showcase your awesome images. It is modern and unique printable design.


A5 & A4 Photography Portfolio


3in1 Creative Photography Portfolio A4 Brochures

Minimal, clean style makes overall professional & elegant look. Fresh colors and rare page layouts makes a very unique look, mark out other portfolios, brochures & other print templates. You can use it as your own resume / CV with portfolio!


Modern Photography Studio Tri-Fold Brochure

An elegant, professional, simple and ultra-clean layout for your Brochure. It’s very easy to edit, all you need to do is just to change content and images. It’s fully customizable.


TopFlight Photography

This is a clean, crisp, high impact, highly editable, super high quality Photoshop PSD 3-Fold Brochure Template Layout, perfect for any small business or product themed tri-fold brochure.


A4 Landscape Photography Portfolio


Bifold-Photographer Short Portfolio


Ultimate Photographer Showcase Brochure


16 Pages Personal Photograph Portofolio


Minimal Photo Catalog Template


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