10 Modern Keynote Templates To Beautify Your Presentations in 2019

Apple Keynote includes a handful of built-in templates. But it’s likely that your audience has already seen these tired designs in other presentations. To set yourself apart from the crowd and make your presentation successful, take your design to the next level with modern design principles.

Modern Keynote templates capture all of the contemporary design trends that are sure to grab and hold an audience’s attention. And best of all, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make use of modern designs. With the help of templates, you can design a great presentation of your own with virtually no design skills required.

In this round-up, you’ll learn why Keynote might just be the right choice for your next presentation. You’ll also see the best Keynote presentation templates that you can use on your next presentation!

Why You Should Use Keynote For Your Next Presentation

In the world of presentations, PowerPoint is so popular that the two terms are practically interchangeable. So, why go against the grain and use Keynote for your next presentation?

Let’s face it: Apple’s focus on building software has always been visual design. Keynote has intuitive design features that are built with designers in mind. The most common design features are front-and-center, not buried deep in context menus.

Even better, Keynote is a flexible app with usefulness that spans beyond presentations. Many designers use it to quickly mock-up app and website designs because it’s so easy to use and customize a template. Learn Keynote and you might find yourself using it on other projects!

If you’re still not sold, here are five reasons to consider using Keynote for your next presentation:

  1. Excellent iOS Apps – there’s little difference between the macOS and iOS versions of Keynote, and that’s a huge reason to use Keynote to build your next presentation. Save your presentation to iCloud and you can keep working on-the-go.
  2. Easy animations and transitions – when used properly, slide animations can help your audience focus on key speaking points. Keynote makes it easier than any other presentation app to add those animations.
  3. Share with Keynote Live – ever wanted to broadcast your Keynote presentation to an audience? Keynote Live is built just for this purpose. Press play and you’ll get a URL that you can share with others while you walk them through your Keynote presentation.
  4. Keep editing in your web browser – Apple has added a perfectly capable browser-based version of Keynote so that you can keep editing from any computer with a web browser.
  5. It’s free! – if you’ve already paid the “Apple tax” in the form of buying a Mac or iOS device, you’ll have access to Keynote for free. No annual subscription or license is required.

10 Modern Keynote Templates for 2019

Great Keynote presentations go above and beyond Apple’s built-in slide designs. They feature the work of top graphic designers that have built slide concepts for every occasion. Choose a template, pick slides you’ll use, and just add your content to the placeholders.

Here are 10 of the best Keynote presentation templates with advanced slides you can use in your next presentation:

1. Power Keynote Templates

Power up with this easy-to-use modern Keynote template! Good slide design plays a role in holding your audience’s attention, and Power is the perfect example of a well-designed Keynote template. This professionally designed Keynote presentation template is great for corporate and business presentations and contains 100 unique slides. Combine those designs with 12 color schemes to never re-use the same design twice.

2. Dreamer

The Dreamer Keynote Template is the professional and unique Keynote template to design a great presentation. Ideal for business and startup presentations, the included slide designs would feel right at home in any modern company. The included icons and infographic slides are perfect for illustrating your new business concept. Best of all, your slide design customizations can be completed right inside of Keynote, so no other apps are needed to add your branding to Dreamer.

3. Marketing Plan 2.0 for Keynote

A marketing plan is a single, comprehensive document that captures your marketing strategy and tactics that you need to get your idea off the ground. Keynote is the ideal app to build and design your marketing plan thanks to its ease-of-use, and this template is the perfect headstart. Choose from the 30 slides and 10 color schemes to craft a marketing plan that you can share with your team and potential investors. The template includes all of the classic slides that every marketing plan needs, like budgets, target audience slides, mobile ad tactics, and more.

4. Agency Keynote Template

Agency is a Keynote template that’s targeted at creative professionals. Even the best designers can benefit from using a Keynote template that helps them showcase their best work, and Agency fits the bill perfectly. Show off your best design work and pitch potential clients on your creative agency with this Keynote presentation template.

5. Pitch Deck

With the massive growth in startup companies, pitch decks are more popular than ever. This special type of presentation focuses on making an “ask” of your audience, like seeking investment or potential employees to join your team. It’s important to get it right, and that’s why the Pitch Deck Keynote template is so helpful. This presentation template includes all of the slide designs you need to launch your company to success, like growth slides, device mock-ups, and more!

6. Riazo

This super cool and modern Keynote presentation template is perfect in a variety of situations, whether personal or business. All elements in this awesome Keynote presentation are editable and doesn’t require any other software – your editing can be done right in Keynote. Just choose a color scheme, ads your content, input your content, and you’re on the path to making great presentations that put your best foot forward when presenting.

7. Gantt

Gantt charts are powerful business illustrations because they show how a process works in side-by-side steps. On practically any project, there are always multiple steps taking place at the same time, and Gantt charts can help you illustrate how those parts fit together for effective project management. Thanks to this Keynote template, you have over 20 options for using a Gantt to show off a project, schedule employee shifts, and more!

8. Vivax

Vivax is a Keynote template that really embodies the “less is more” design philosophy. Instead of loading slides with text and explanations, this modern Keynote presentation follows the minimalist design trends. However, there is still plenty of room for visual content in the slick image placeholders and built-in infographics. It’s an easy-to-adjust Keynote template that you can use for visually re-enforcing your speaking points without distracting the audience.

9. Digital Marketing Strategy

Launching a new product? It’s crucial to build a marketing plan with all of your tactics in a single document. This awesome Keynote template gives the perfect opportunity for building your plans on social, SEO, email marketing, and more. Even rookie marketers can use a Keynote template like this one to generate ideas for launching your product in a crowded market. Use this template to build a marketing plan that you can share with your team so that everyone knows exactly how to promote the product.

10. BePro Keynote Business Template

Modern Keynote presentations like BePro include slide designs that fit into practically any business environment. The easy-to-update slide designs include slick chart designs, insightful infographics, and fancy maps. Use a template like BePro to launch or grow your company as you successfully pitch with confidence to your audience. BePro’s focus on business growth is sure to build a sense of confidence in your big idea.

The Key to Awesome Keynote Presentations

Great presentations are true works of art. And unlike most forms of art, the best way to paint your canvas is by borrowing the work of others!

With Keynote templates, you remove the work of drawing slides from scratch. A template already has dozens of slides prepared that are just waiting for your content. Open them up, drop in your details, and present with the confidence of knowing your presentation was designed by a pro.

The best place to source Keynote presentation templates is Envato Elements, the home to all 10 of the templates you saw in this round-up. For a single flat-rate subscription, you can download all of these templates and thousands more. You can also round out your presentation with extra visuals, thanks to the stock photo library and deep selection of graphics.

A single, flat-rate subscription to Envato Elements gives you a license to use thousands of Keynote presentation templates.

If you work on macOS or iOS, Apple Keynote might be the perfect choice for building your next Keynote presentation. Using a template is an additional headstart you can use to bring your awesome presentation idea to life in less time than ever before!

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