30 Beautifully Designed Keynote Themes 2019

If you are looking to create seamlessly integrated slides, then keynote offers that simple edge over other presentation software available. Apple keynote comes bundles with the apple iwork suites. It comes with a considerable amount of templates bundled. But for the more creative minds, you will need to look elsewhere to download more excellent keynote themes.

Are you looking to create some great looking Keynote presentations without spending an arm and a leg on a theme or template? Here are 30 modern Keynote themes so you can quickly create your presentation and get your business done.

Modern World Presentation

If you want to stand out in front of your audience you will definitely need this product. A compilation of 30 unique slides with 8 different color schemes and the two basic ratios contribute to the creation of 480 slide combination. As a bonus you get 8 backgrounds so you can be even more intuitive. Don’t hesitate, everything you need is here.

Modern World Presentation Template for Keynote


With 60 unique custom slides, IJE offers a totally new world of presenting. Everything you need is covered in this template, that was built professionally, to give your ideas the voice they need. The voice that will speak for them. It takes a lot more than just arranging figures; to have a feeling that they are ordered correctly; to present an idea clearly; to give it the colour it deserves, in order to get the attention your ideas deserve.

IJE - Premium Keynote Template


This is an infographic social media Keynote template, appropriate for a social media agency, social media marketer and researcher, or any type of business related on social networking, like web marketing, SEO services, infographic social media survey…etc

SocialDecks Keynote Template


TheSmooth Keynote Template


Another clean, elegant and modern business presentation template for keynote. Now you can present your business case in a non conventional way and modify this template to your needs.

TheRed Keynote Template

Business Growth

This keynote presentation has 38 unique slides. It has tons of infographic elements and graphs perfect for any scenario.

Business Growth Keynote

SEO Services

This Keynote Presentation Template is appropriate for any search engine optimization and Internet Marketing business looking to describe services offered and strategic business approaches with creative and infographic way.

With a creative style and a simple touch portrayed through colours palette, backgrounds, icons and design elements, This template includes 30 unique slides, presented in 03 different background options.

SEO Services Keynote Template


Template is based on unique ability to use free or commercial dingbat fonts
as icons. IconFont gives you freedom to change icon’s size, color, shadow and other things on the fly just as if it were a text character. It does not require Photoshop or any other graphic software skills.

Six Keynote Template

Parallel Keynote

This is a modern presentation with style and sophistication, perfect for a creative agency, photographer, fashion brand, high street retailer or any business with style.

Parallel Keynote Presentation Template


GOODDAYS | 26 Pages | Keynote Presentation

Multi Trends

Professional presentation template with multicolor theme, on dark and light backgrounds, perfect for corporate and business use.

Multi Trends Keynote Presentation Template


Keynote Template designed to offer a fun and fresh platform for presenting your project.

Sketch Keynote Template

New Corporate Presentation

New Corporate Presentation


Mir is a Keynote Presentation Template with custom graphic elements, animations and additional custom icons. Recommended for those who want to keep it classy, with fresh and minimalistic presentations, yet very stylish. This presentation has unique simple colors, 14 custom icons and several predefined shapes. It is highly customizable with easiness, both in Keynote and Adobe Photoshop. The presentation resolution is Full HD. The minimalistic and fresh combination makes it ideal for everyone in every kind of use, such as: business, corporate, portfolio, and creativity.

Mir- Minimalistic and Fresh Keynote Template

Smart Goals

Smart Goals Keynote Template

Nostalgic Keynote

The template includes 26 unique slides. Perfect for portfolio work, creative business or to create a presentation of your holiday pictures. All png files are included. Just drag and drop the png files to create your own unique slide’s. Convert your image to 3D – tutorial (tips) is included. This presentation has a modern HD widscreen resolution.

Nostalgic Keynote

Van Color Presentation

Van Color Presentation

E-Commerce Infographic

A very well done Infographic Keynote Presentation, comes in Fresh Style and 30 unique slides, ideal for presenting your eCommerce survey or any type of statistical analysis in an Professional and original infographic way. It’s great for any type of e-commerce data visualization and infographic Survey but it can be also used for many other business needs. It’s carefully created with a goal to be easy to customize. each element is separated.

E-Commerce Infographic Keynote Template

Minimal keynote HD widscreen presentation

Minimal Keynote template is a modern, minimalistic and professional Keynote template.

Minimal keynote HD widscreen presentation

Sociallita Keynote Template

Sociallita is a Social media Keynote Template appropriate for a Social Media agency, Social Media Marketer and Researcher, or any type of business related on Social networks like web marketing, SEO services, social media survey and infographic data visualization…etc. The Bubbles and Design elements throughout the presentation reflect the idea of Social networking concept and Makes it more attractive and thin, with both a simple and professional look.

Sociallita Keynote Template

Clean Cream Presentation

Clean Cream Presentation


Encore is a bold, modern template for Keynote ‘08, ‘09 featuring 4 theme styles (2 light and 2 dark versions) each with 21 unique and easy to customize slides. Complete with dynamic animations and transitions, placeholder text, images and video, footer navigation and a demo soundtrack this template is ideal for live or recorded presentations. Mix and match elements to create a striking and unique presentation in minutes!

Encore Keynote Presentation Template

Timeline Presentation

The purpose of the slide on Keynote is to be a support to your spoken presentation. It should never become the focal point of your speech. Timeline presentation are commonly used for product design purposes to identify potential factors causing an overall effect. This template can give you the desired overview. It will help you achieve your goals by visualizing the important target and the supportive goals. So whether you’re sharing a succession plan for your mature business or charting the next few months for your high-growth company, it allows you to easily update the timeline’s or milestone’s text while preserving the crisp slides’ designs. Finally fit your company’s five year plan neatly onto one slide without using size 10 font.

Timeline Presentation


This easily customizable high-definition Keynote template includes 20 master slides with 3 unique color treatments. The layout and design are ideal for architects, engineers and anyone who wants to present their images and ideas in a clear, smart and coherent way. Great for eBooks, business decks and creative presentations, this template set is fully customizable and simple to use. With this template you can quickly insert your text, images and data in just minutes you’ll be ready to wow your audience with your professionally designed presentation.

Architectural Keynote Template

WayToGrow Keynote Template

Exclusive, elegant and stylish Keynote presentation template. Ideal for business, personal and corporate use. It’s very easy to edit content and change items. With such a professional template you are ready for a spectacular presentation. You do not need knowledge of Photoshop or any other graphics package. Save your time and manpower with pre-designed layout slides and color palette. All you need is just to add your text, pictures and data.

WayToGrow Keynote Template

Course Présentation

Course Présentation


Rework Keynote Presentation Template with custom graphic elements and animation. This presentation is easily customizable in Keynote (placeholders for your text and images). Perfect for business, corporate and personal use.

Rework Keynote Presentation Template

Simple Pro

The main feature of this presentation is the interactivity: in every slide you have a clickable “Summary” tab, linked to a slide containing hyperlinks to the main sections of the presentation. The designed has been created for great performance and flexibility. The other one cool feature of this presentation is the image gallery: you have two samples slide galleries (respectively with 4 and 6 image thumbnails). Every picture has a “magnify glass” icon, linked with a fullscreen picture of the same image and a custom caption on the bottom.

Simple Pro - Keynote Interactive Template

Retro Slides

This presentation is highly customizable with easiness, both in Adobe Photoshop (minimum CS4 ) and in Keynote (minimum iWork ’09).

Retro Slides - Keynote Template (Full HD)

Flat PowerPoint

It uses creativity along with content which can create an impact. You can use less but effective content along with different infographic elements that makes your content more powerful.

Flat PowerPoint

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