Top 10 Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Templates 2019

The fastest way to lose an audience’s attention during a presentation is to flash text-heavy slides with too many details. While presentations are a powerful way to share information, you have to ensure that you don’t overload your audience with cluttered slides.

The solution is to create visual presentations with less text. That means incorporating elements like charts, photos, and most importantly, infographics. An infographic helps you blend information and graphics to explain concepts in ways that text alone can’t.

Let’s learn more about how to use infographics to explain ideas in your data presentation. We’ll also explore the best infographic templates for PowerPoint that you can use to build the best PowerPoint presentations.

How to Use Infographics in PowerPoint

If you’re used to building traditional, text-based slides in PowerPoint, you might be wondering how to use infographics for data presentations. The best PowerPoint presentations eschew paragraphs on slides and use infographics instead. In general, look for opportunities to convert text steps to infographics.

This slide example is from the Business templatean infographic template for PowerPoint with more than 30 slides specifically designed for visual data stories.

Here are three ideas for how you can use infographics to add more meaning than text on its own:

  • Process steps – work instructions are easily captured in PowerPoint presentations. If you’re onboarding a new business team member, imagine using a process infographic to help them come up to speed and understand how a process works.
  • Funnels – a funnel is often used to show how a large dataset is narrowed down at each step. You can use this type of infographic to show the sales pipeline, for example, with potential clients at each of the steps on a funnel.
  • Timelines – a powerful storytelling tool, a timeline links past events to the present (or even the future)! By using a timeline, you can use visuals to connect events together in a cohesive story.

Look for opportunities to convert your slides from text-focused to data infographic visuals. Instead of a bulleted list where you explain all of the steps in a project, try an infographic that creates an informative illustration. Let’s learn how to create them easily in PowerPoint.

10 Top Informative PowerPoint Presentations with Infographics

Drawing infographics from scratch takes too much time. Instead, you can use pre-built infographic templates in PowerPoint. Just choose an infographic that matches your concept, drop in your data, and share it with an audience!

The best part of using presentation templates is that you don’t have to totally sacrifice customization. You can still use all of the best PowerPoint tools to edit and adjust the starting version of your infographic.

Here are 10 of the best PowerPoint presentation templates with helpful infographics:

1. Infographic Solutions

This multipurpose PowerPoint presentation contains 50 unique and professional slides suitable for any presentation that needs an infographic. The best infographic PowerPoint templates are easy to update and built to fit your concept. This template is one of the easiest to edit, thanks to its well-organized structure with layers, and groups named for easy use.

2. Social Media Infographic

The Social Media Infographic for PowerPoint template is the best PowerPoint template for presenting your data on social media. Perfect for business marketing professionals, the data you have collected via analytics will really shine in this infographic template PowerPoint featuring 21 unique slide designs. When pitching your new social media marketing strategy, use an infographic template like this to showcase your plans for each platform.

3. Circles

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template with a clean, well-designed aesthetic ideal for any data presentation., Whether used for your personal or business ideas, the 35 slide designs practically guarantee you’ll have every infographic you need for a presentation. Thanks to 11 color variants and the included vector icons, you can use CIRCLES repeatedly to build the best PowerPoint presentations with consistent branding.

4. PPTx Infographics

This PowerPoint presentation template is versatile and suited for a variety of business data presentations. Sample from modern infographic designs like map analyses, organizational hierarchies, project process steps and more, all in a single package. You’ll find that the shapes are easy to edit and adapt to your business case, making it one of the best PowerPoint presentation templates to expedite your slide design!

5. Maps PowerPoint Infographic Slides

Let’s get geographic! Sometimes, using a map can help your audience connect data to a specific region. Ideal for growth plans and product expansions, showing your data tied to a mapped area is one of the most powerful infographic approaches. Included in this infographic template PowerPoint are animated slides and transitions as well as two different USA maps and two different Australia maps. The handmade infographics and easily editable elements make this a great choice for business presentations focused on data from around the world.

6. Business

To create the best PowerPoint presentation for your next business or corporate presentation, consider using this corporate-friendly infographic template. Suitable for business professionals that want to showcase their data in a simple but interesting manner, this infographic template PowerPoint is the way to go. These PowerPoint templates contain 35 total slides, 11 color variations, and a light background that won’t distract your audience from the content.

7. Eargo

Eargo 2 contains more than 150 unique data slide designs that give you the selection of infographics you need to really knock any presentation out of the park. For a data-centric business presentation, dropping in an infographic adapted from Eargo is one of the best ways to illustrate your ideas. This infographic template PowerPoint can help illustrate data for your business concept, enticing potential investors and employees to join your mission.

8. Eco

Featuring a decidedly green tilt, the ECO PowerPoint Infographics Presentation Slide has an environmental focus for including infographics to build the best PowerPoint. If nature isn’t the focus of your presentation, no problem – choose another of the 11 color variations and adjust the fully editable simple line vector icons. The clean slides make it one of the best PowerPoint presentation templates for your corporate, personal, and professional use. Multipurpose and easy to use, this full HD data PowerPoint presentation template could certainly carve out a spot in your toolbelt of presentation templates.

9. Boom

Creative and fun, the infographics in the Boom: Charts Infographics Analytics PowerPoint are going to captivate your audience and make the business data presented more memorable. This PowerPoint presentation template is the perfect start to your presentation, giving that professional, but creative touch that you need to make your presentation memorable. The professional visual design means that you can spend your time crafting the best PowerPoint presentation without the stress of building the infographic designs yourself.

10. Startup

The Startup Infographic PowerPoint Template is one of the best PowerPoint templates to launch your new big idea. Infographics are particularly useful to explain new and innovative business concepts that may be at first unfamiliar to your audience. Not only do the 70 unique designs focus on high-growth companies, but the style and tone of this presentation fit perfectly into the world of startup business design.

How to Find the Best Infographics for PowerPoint

Infographics are certainly helpful, but maybe graphic design isn’t your strong suit. When you’re preparing for a speaking engagement, time is of the essence, and drawing infographics just isn’t the best use of your time. That’s why infographic templates for PowerPoint really serve a powerful purpose; they free you up to focus on the presentation’s content.

If you clicked through to the links above, you might have noticed a common home for all of the infographic templates for PowerPoint: Envato Elements. Elements is a simple subscription model where your account unlocks millions of assets, including the best PowerPoint infographic templates. Even if you stop subscribing, you’ll retain access to the PowerPoint templates you licensed while you were a member.

All of the best infographic PowerPoint templates are included when you subscribe to Envato Elements.

Presentations also benefit from add-ons like stock photos and graphics. Elements includes thousands of these as well to perfectly complement your data-rich presentation.

Remember, infographics are the best way to take text-heavy slides and make them visual. You can use one of the PowerPoint templates in this round-up to explain a big idea to your audience!

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