25 Amazing After Effects Kinetic Typography Templates

Kinetic typography is an art form that combines text and motion to express ideas in the form of animation. It is captivating to watch the message interact with the viewer as words swipe across the screen, build and break down to catch attention much more effectively than stationary text. So here are 25 kinetic typography templates for After Effects with the ability to capture and sustain viewer attention.

Kinetic Typography Pack

Create your own typography video in minutes with the help of this template.

Kinetic Typography Pack

Kinetic Typography

It will help you to create great videos: you don’t need to have any technical skills, simply write your text, preview video, edit styles if you don’t like something and there you have a great video with almost zero efforts!

Kinetic Typography

Animated Shapes

This is a cool simple and clean template made specially for anyone who wants a Kinetic typographic template to display and present here App, service, career, website or business in easy, clear and attractive mode.

Kinetic Typography With Animated Shapes


Enjoy a great kinetic typography template, which coming in four unique colorful versions and gives you unlimited tweaking! Play with fonts, combine your color themes and create tons of spectacular kinetic stuff with just a few clicks!

Clean Kinetic Typography


Kinetic Reveal describes your corporate or personal attributes and reveals your logo with some fluid kinetic typography animation.

Kinetic Reveal


Save your time with this unique pack. Fresh and modern style for any kind of presentation. Easy to customize , make it clean an minimal with classic background for corporate clients. Change font, color, scale, position, background to make it look more vintage or even grunge.

Kinetic Typography Engine


Kinetic Promo

Typo Storyteller

It includes 22 animated typography scenes and 3 premade stories ready to be used. Easily change colors, fonts, backgrounds, and re-arrange scenes to make your unique and creative story. Use it for Typo Openers, Presentations, Corporate Typography, Promotion…

Kinetic Typo Storyteller

Generator Toolkit

This is a AE CS 5.0 Full HD package coming with an kinetic typograpgy generator automated system. Build very easily without keyframing your own storyboard or customize the included ones. No plug-in required, 5 detailed video tutorials (+-40 min), free fonts links and music link included, pdf file with the video tutorials contents….

Kinetic Typography Generator Toolkit


All 6 scene are drag & drop precomps what you can easily combine and mix up to infinity! With these 6 compositions you can easily create unique animations. This multiple typography set is good for: extended your other project, single kinetic typography openers, transitions or other promotion.

Minimal Kinetic Typography

A Typography Opener

Kinetic, A Typography Opener

Vintage Retro Style

Kinetic Typography, Vintage Retro Style


Awesome 21 second Kinetic Typography After Effects project designed for you to make your statement loud, clear and stylish.

HD Kinetic Typography


Quick and easy to edit Kinetic Typography! This fast paced, high energy kinetic typography project is broken up into two sections. One with 10 fully customizable slides and one pre-made project.

Fast Kinetic Typography

Promote Your Product or Service with Kinetic Typo

Awesome 1 minute and 40 seconds After Effects project designed for you to make your statement loud, clear and stylish.

Promote Your Product or Service with Kinetic Typo


Octopus: Kinetic Presentation

Promoting Media

Kinetic Promoting Media

Kinetic Intro

This is a colorful kinetic introduction video, designed for product & Website & Service introduction and promotion.

Colorful Kinetic Intro

Kinetic Typography Promo

This a cool, dynamic way to present your company, app, service, business or yourself to the world. The project was created in Adobe After Effects CS3 ,which means that it can be used also by CS4 , CS5 and CS6 . The project has a resolution of 1920×1080 px.

Kinetic Typography Promo

Kinetic Typo Promotion

It’s useful to introduce your app/service/products/website and so on!

Kinetic Typo Promotion


Kinetic Type V.2

Text Intro and Outro

A kinetic typography top and tail for your video production! Edit the text, font and colours to suit your style. Simply drop your video into the video placeholder, and add your logo, to package up your production for YouTube, or your website. The template is full HD 1080p.

Kinetic Text Intro and Outro

HD Kinetic Type

This is a kinetic type animation. 10 sec in length. I did not create an entire long comp on this because there is tweaking involved. This is so the user gets an understanding in how to create good looking type animations.

HD Kinetic Type

Text With Particles

Kinetic Text With Particles


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