25 Best Simple Keynote Templates

There is no magic template that will make poor content shine. However, a bad template can distract from great content. So the best template is probably a plain and simple one. So here are 25 best simple Keynote templates to deliver a clear and professional message to your target audience.


Your content will shine with this presentation template thanks to its minimal design. With a style suitable for any theme and content, it also adapts easily to any brand by changing one single color. Use this clean template to deliver a clear and professional message to your target audience.

O-Design Creative Keynote Presentation


Present your works professional and clean with this template, this Keynote presentation template has got an awesome contemporary design, with cool photo layouts and creative slides to show your portfolio.

Triangle - Clean trend Keynote Template

Black & White

As the name implies this template is designed with a minimal look. With pitch-black texts and pristine white background, the users can clearly understand your contents. This one is a very formal type, so you can’t expect any creative stuff with this template.

Black & White - Clean Keynote Template

Clean Keynote Template

It is the best creative keynote template for architects and interior decorators. The minimal design of this template helps you to highlight the contents easily. Both images and text contents are given equal importance in this template so that you can explain your projects clearly to the users.

Clean Keynote Template

Company Profile

Whatever your presentation about, one thing’s universal: you need a good looking, easy-to-understand visual presentation to succeed. You can have the coolest business idea in the entire universe, but if your visual presentation suck, you’re going to lose your audience super fast.

Company Profile Keynote Template


This simple slide deck gets all the key elements right, it’s fun to go through, and the combination of green and black works strangely well.

ECO KeyNote


A presentation about making a presentation? That’s kind of meta and puts a lot of pressure on getting it right. This presentation draws on easily recognizable imagery woven into a unique and visually appealing sequence.

Watchit Keynote


It is a modern, clean, simple, multipurpose keynote Template to present your business to potentials clients in a elegant way.

Archie Creative Keynote


With clean,modern design and diverse usage purpose, G-Vintage Presentation Keynote Template helps your presentation really amazing and styled. It is getting easier to use than ever before. It does not require Photoshop or any other graphic software skills. Do not hesitate, the huge package is designed just for you.

G-Vintage Presentation


To make your presentation attractive and successful, they made all our files easy to edit and can be customized according to your requirements. All slides are packed with hundreds of visual arts, charts, tables, high-quality images, colorful texts, and much more.

do Keynote


This multi minimalist Keynote template is one of the best PowerPoint templates that comes with a beautiful and modern design. Including over hundred of amazing and unique PPT slides, resizable graphics, and infographics, this become one of the best minimalist design for all your needs.

Report KeyNote


Using a bit of creativity with shapes and layout, you can create a title slide that looks great without using any images. Pulling off a title slide like this will surely make it look like you had your presentation created by a professional designer.

SHERPA - Hipster Keynote Presentation


This is a clean and simple template that can be used for personal and business use. You can easily change the colours, text and photos, the presentation slide is fully editable.

Mint Presentation Keynote Template

Gradient Presentation Keynote

This is ideal for any personal or corporate use. It has a modern and simple design which is easily editable. With 20 unique slides and many gradients colors you will be able make an interesting presentation perfect for you.

Gradient Presentation Keynote


Cool theme to create a powerful, dynamic presentation.

Orange - Clean trend business Keynote Template


It offers a professional look for your Keynote presentation. It includes 20 masters and 2 slide sizes, which allows you to choose the best layout for your information. The layouts are polished and modern, with custom bullets, matching tables, and easily readable charts. The template can be opened and edited in Keynote 6.0 or later versions.

Sunset Safari Keynote Template


It will help you deliver a pitch that meets the highest standards. There is a wide variety of themes and color combinations to choose from.



This versatile keynote template has many stand-out slides with a minimal design aesthetic. It’s one of the best-looking Keynote templates. There are ton of unique slides in this awesome set, which include: dynamic image with text layouts, handcrafted infographics, edible charts, custom graphics, and more.

NOVATE - Creative Keynote Presentation Template

Time Flies

It is great for when you need a simple, minimal template that is super easy to customize. These templates are easy to get started with.

Time Flies Keynote Template


If you’re looking for a clean and professional-looking design, this is an elegant addition to your toolkit.

Thorium - Keynote Presentation Template


This presentation template really reflects a current trend in design. The style is very concise and minimal and uses color sparingly. There are also so many stunning options to choose from within this pack. The blue gradient detail on one set of slides is incredibly eye catching. While the simple white layouts featuring a window into the photography used are just as breathtaking. It’s functional and pretty.

Linea - Creative Keynote Presentation Template


Have your deck ready really fast using this simple template. Background can be set to any color and the design will work either way. Thus you can customize the theme in one click with a color that matches your topic or corporate identity, then use the included icons to give it an extra touch.

Promotion - Keynote Template

The Simple Template

Sometimes minimal may seem like a bad thing, but not when the minimal looks simple and elegant.

The Simple Template

Application Presentation

It helps you create stunning presentations. You can drag and drop elements into the template and customize the text and be good to go in a matter of minutes. You must share a link to your social media to use the downloads.

Application Presentation - Keynote

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