10 Powerful Marketing PowerPoint Templates: Key PPTs use in 2019

Every business needs a plan to stand out from the crowd. Competition in most industries is so fierce that success often comes down to marketing: the art of promoting and selling the product.

Sure, a solid product that meets a consumer’s needs is a must. But it’s just as crucial that you build a marketing plan that sets your company apart. Effective marketing plans include the strategy and tactics that will put your product in front of an audience and ultimately drive sales.

A strong marketing plan captures the steps you’ll take to make sure your product doesn’t go unnoticed. Let’s learn more about great marketing plans, and how you can build one of your own!

What is a Marketing Plan?

Your marketing plan should serve as your company’s north star for promoting the product. In a single slide deck, you should include the strategy and steps that it takes to reach audiences. A well-built marketing plan presentation should help new members of your team instantly familiarize themselves with your overall goals.

When you’re building a marketing plan, it’s crucial to remember that everything should follow a strategy. A strategy is really the core tenant that guides how your business will reach customers.

Companies make strategic choices like competing as the lowest cost solution, building the fastest technology, or offering the best customer service experience. Choosing this central strategy will help you make all future decisions.

Marketing plans include the strategy and tactics you’ll use to bring your product to market successfully.

Individual marketing actions (posts on Twitter, videos shared on YouTube, for example) are known as tactics. A tactic is an individual step that you’ll take to market your company. Posting consistently on Instagram is a tactic, not a strategy – but the type and style of post that you make is informed by the strategy.

Great marketing plans formalize the strategy and tactics that you’ll use to showcase your products and company. Let’s learn how to build PowerPoint marketing plans.

Five Slides to Include in Every PowerPoint Marketing Plan

If it’s your first time building a marketing plan, you might be wondering what slides to include. One of the best reasons to use a PPT marketing plan template is to have pre-built slides that help spark your thinking on what your marketing plan should include.

Here are five slides that you should include in your PowerPoint marketing plan:

  • An overall strategy slide – in the beginning, set the product strategy. Who is your target audience, and what unique role will your product play in the marketplace?
  • Mobile marketing tactics – reaching audiences on mobile is a must. Whether you’re marketing on mobile-first social platforms like Twitter or Instagram, or targeting app installs, consider how you’ll reach mobile audiences.
  • Organic marketing tactics – more than ever, you should build ads that feel like native content. These include targeted blog posts that rank well with search engines that aren’t focused on hard sales tactics. Soft product promotion feels natural when you use organic marketing.
  • Budgets and analytics – these key metrics go hand-in-hand. Particularly if you work within a company, setting a marketing budget alongside the analytics you’ll use to track results is a key part of getting your marketing plan approved.
  • Growth goals – how do you know if your marketing plan is working? The answer is that you should set goals for product growth, then measure your results against them. Set goals to know you’re meeting growth expectations.

Maybe the most beneficial part of building a marketing plan is that it forces you to think about your strategy. Without this exercise, you may not consider how to market your product.

The good news is that you don’t have to design a marketing plan from scratch. Let’s check out ten top PowerPoint marketing plan templates that include these slide designs.

10 Powerful Marketing PowerPoint Templates to Use in 2019

A marketing PowerPoint template can help you include all of your marketing efforts in one document. And more importantly, templates can give you the ideas and blueprints to help you craft a plan of your own. Let’s check out 10 of the best marketing PowerPoint templates that you can use for your next launch:

1. Digital Marketing Strategy – Powerpoint Template

Your ideas deserve to be heard online. This marketing PPT template will help you turn ideas into persuasive presentations to communicate your marketing message clearly. Fully editable, this marketing PowerPoint contains more than 40 unique slide designs targeted at digital marketing with concepts for mobile ads, eCommerce, search engine marketing, and more.

2. Marketing Plan 2.0

This PowerPoint template for marketing will save you a ton of time by providing a wide selection of creative marketing slides. The 30+ unique slide designs in this marketing PPT template has all of the essential slides that every marketing plan needs. Best of all, it’s ready to print, Retina-ready, and includes devices mockups for showing your app brought to life.

3. Facebook Marketing Powerpoint Template

There’s no doubt that many marketing efforts still revolve around Facebook and its more than 1.5 billion daily active users. Whether your content takes an organic approach or you’re launching paid campaigns, you need a marketing plan presentation that can document it all. Use this presentation to outline your Facebook marketing strategy and tactics. Built especially for the popular social media platform, its unique slide designs inform stakeholders of your goals.

4. Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template

Remember: strategy sets the course for your entire marketing plan. The Marketing Strategy template offers a professional look for creating and articulating your strategy. This marketing PPT template includes 20 master slides and modern, polished layouts. Best of all, it makes heavy use of charts, graphs, and data visuals that can explain your marketing ambitions. Most objects in this marketing PPT template can be easily recolored and reshaped to match your branding.

5. Marketing Plan Powerpoint Presentation

This Modern Marketing Plan Powerpoint is perfect for your corporate and business marketing presentations. Simple and contemporary elements fit the corporate style with a “less is more” design philosophy. It makes great use of infographics that explain business processes, including complex marketing sequences.

6. CONNECT – Marketing Powerpoint Template

The CONNECT – Marketing PowerPoint template opens up a world of possibilities for your next marketing presentation, with over 700 total slides and four different color themes. This marketing PPT template is fully editable in PowerPoint (including the shapes, icons, and infographics) and fully animated. Use this marketing presentation to design a launch strategy in less time than ever.

7. Markethink – Marketing Powerpoint Template

If you need a PowerPoint template that gives you flexibility, a template like Markethink might be a perfect choice. The PPT marketing template is perfect for marketing presentations, startup presentations, or even personal use. It includes all of the slide designs you’ve come to expect when building a marketing plan. All elements are editable from shapes to colors and no other software is required to edit – everything can be done right in PowerPoint.

8. Impressivv – Marketing Powerpoint Template

A successful marketing presentation can lead to great opportunities, which is why you should select Impressivv for your next presentation. This marketing PPT template shines in a multitude of environments, successfully engaging new clients, investors, or customers. The clean layout in this marketing PPT template will bring structure to your content and allow for the best visual representation of your ideas.

9. Digital Marketing Agency Presentation

Showcase your latest social media campaign, fresh content marketing ideas, or your digital marketing results by using the Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Presentation. With over 60+ unique slide designs, you’ll have everything you need in this marketing presentation to plan your digital marketing efforts.

10. Content Marketing Presentation

Practically every marketing plan includes some element of content marketing, so it’s only natural to use a template that can articulate your campaign clearly. With this modern, well-designed PPT marketing template, you’ll get more than 120 unique slide designs targeted at creating and tracking content marketing plans.

Download Unlimited Marketing Plan Templates

We just explored 10 examples of the best PowerPoint marketing plan templates. You might have noticed that all of them are listed for download on Envato Elements. Elements is an all-you-can-download service for creatives that includes thousands of presentation templates.

As your business grows, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself building many marketing plans. Each new product or feature you’re promoting might require a new slide deck to share the ideas. That’s why Elements is such a great value for any growing company. One subscription includes unlimited access to all the templates, stock photos, and everything else you’ll need to build marketing plans.

Element powerpoint
Envato Elements features countless PowerPoint marketing templates, including the ones highlighted in this tutorial.

No matter how you choose to build your PowerPoint marketing plan, don’t forget to stick to the principles outlined in this tutorial. Set a strategy, build the tactics that align, and present your plan with confidence.

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