Top 10 Best Business Presentation Templates for Google Slides 2019

When you’re preparing for a business presentation in the board room, you need all of the help you can get. Presentations can be daunting, especially if the success of your company depends on convincing your audience.

With a bit of help, you can ease the stress of building a business presentation. Using a presentation app like Google Slides can support your speaking points and build confidence with the audience. The purpose of building a presentation is to give a visual angle to your speaking points, re-enforcing your ideas visually.

In this round-up, you’ll see why Google Slides is a great option for building a business presentation, plus sample great designs you can use. With these advantages, you’ll always feel ready for a business presentation and win the support of decision makers.

Why You Should Try Google Slides for Your Next Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are certainly the best-known presentation apps. But you can’t skip Google Slides as a viable option for building your next business presentation. Here are some of the best reasons to use a Google Slides presentation for business:

  • Browser-based – if you have access to a web browser, you can keep working on your business presentation. There are also mobile apps to keep working on the go for last minute tweaks before speaking.
  • Easy collaboration – Google Slides features the same great collaboration options that you might be accustomed to in Google Docs. Collaborate in real-time on your business presentation with anyone you invite or share a URL link to any potential editor.
  • Backward-compatible – Slides is flexible enough to accommodate uploading your PowerPoint slides so that you don’t lose your presentation progress. You can also export a finished Slides presentation to common formats in case your office is Microsoft-only.
  • Easy-to-use – the Google Slides interface is slimmed down to presentation essentials. Focusing on only the most important tools means that you’ll spend less time building a presentation.
  • Potential to go viral – want to launch a big idea? Consider making your presentation open access with a public URL link. You never know who will share your Google Slides presentation and get interested in your business.

While some of these features are implemented in every presentation app, it’s important to remember that Google Slides was built with them in mind. In my view, it still has the best implementation of real-time collaboration and sharing of any presentation app.

As you’ll see in this round-up, using Google Slides doesn’t mean sacrificing great design. Let’s learn more about using templates for your next presentation.

Top 10 Best Google Slides Templates

Even though Google Slides is a browser-based presentation app, you aren’t limited to Google’s built-in templates. Thanks to its support for PPTX (PowerPoint) templates, you can take advantage of the thousands of existing presentation templates.

When you use a Google Slide template, you start with most of the layout and design components already completed. You only have to drop in your content, tweak the specifics, and you’ll finish your presentation in no time!

Here are 10 of the best Google Slides templates for your next business presentation:

1. Suite

Suite is a bright and clean, feature-rich business presentation template that’s easy to work with. The more than 300 slide designs cover any business case that you might need to present. Don’t worry about creating a boring business presentation when you use Suite, thanks in part to the 5 colorful schemes and infographics to explain your business visually.

2. Maxpro

The best Google Slides templates are re-usable on multiple business presentations, and it fits that bill perfectly. It makes great use of colorful slides with 5 distinctive two-tone schemes that you can re-use over and over. Great presentations strike the balance between informative and captive by limiting the number of elements on each slide and it helps you stick to that principle.

3. Sporta

Focused on showcasing a sports or lifestyle brand, Sporta has 30 slide designs that you can mix-and-match while building your business pitch. This presentation template has all of the essential slides that every business needs, such as designs that show your team, customer testimonials, contact details and much more. Even if your business isn’t in the fitness niche, Sporta is still flexible enough to show off your new concept for commerce.

4. Nivmelo

Professionally designed and easy to customize, Nivmelo is perfect for the beginner in business. Pre-built slide designs in Nivmelo capture all of the business case concepts you could possibly need to reach an audience. This Google Slides presentation features over 120 slides across 5 color variations so that you never have to worry about giving the same presentation twice.

5. Movement

The Swiss school of design capitalizes on the minimalist design trend. The Movement Google Slides template is the perfect embodiment of that minimalist design philosophy and is perfect for business presentations. The more than 50 unique slide designs are perfect for showing off a business concept with informative infographics that draw focus to your business content.

6. Company Slide

Remember, practically any text-heavy slide benefits from a conversion to a more graphic edition. Company Slide helps you do just that with its brilliant designed visuals. Convert your business case explanations to infographics and charts and graphs with the included elements in Company Slide. You can even update the images easily with the drag-and-drop placeholders built into this top-notch Google Slides template.

7. Company Profile

Build an eye-catching company profile in a Google Slides presentation with this business presentation template. A slick design template like this one is the perfect way to succinctly explain your business to potential investors or employees. Profile your company with this template, focusing in on the key points that show that your business is one that’s here to stay.

8. Business Plan

When you prepare a business plan, it forces you to consider the economics and product strategies that you need to make your company a success. That’s the value of using a Google Slides presentation template like this one; going through the process of writing a business plan helps to form your product plan. Best of all, the finished product is a well-designed presentation that you can share with others who may want to join in your company’s success.

9. Business Report PRO Google Slides

Business reports are an ideal format for periodically updating your investors and employees. It helps to create a slide deck that captures your quarterly successes, challenges, and a plan to keep growing. Use a template like Business Report Pro to do just that, all inside of Google Slides. Utilize the 30 slide designs and custom animations to paint a portrait of your company’s accomplishments and inspire growth and enthusiasm for the future.

10. Minimal Presentation Google Slides Template

Rounding out our selection of the top Google Slides presentations, this minimalist-inspired design is another great way to help your audience focus on your business results. Less is more when giving a presentation, and it’s ideal to build slides that only re-iterate your points – not speak for you. The Minimal Presentation template for Google slides does just that, focusing on business-centric slides that help your audience understand your business results and future. Clean slides and bold text are all you need to build a successful business presentation, and this template implements simplicity perfectly.

Where to Find the Best Google Slides Templates

All of the templates in this round-up are designed to build your confidence when giving a business presentation. And best of all, they all have a single source: Envato Elements! With a subscription to Elements, you have a simple license to use all of the templates in this round-up and thousands more.

The power of using templates is that you aren’t starting with a totally blank slate. Instead of racking your brain and trying to decide how to present your business concept, start with a template as your blueprint.

All of the Google Slides templates in this round-up are available for a flat rate with an Envato Elements subscription.

Another advantage is that Elements unlocks thousands of other assets to power up your presentation. Stock photos, video footage, and support graphics mean that your slides won’t be full of boring text that loses an audience’s attention.

Templates improve your business presentation. You won’t spend time designing and drawing slides; instead, you’ll have time to put together the data and your speaking points that will ultimately drive speaking success.

Don’t forget that Google Slides is more than enough to give a great business presentation. And with the help of a business presentation template, you can design a presentation in less time than ever before.

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