20 Beautiful Splatter Painting Effect Photoshop Actions

Splatter painting is the art of flicking, throwing, or dripping paint onto a painting surface to create a seemingly asbtract art. It invokes an irreverent, wild style full of energy. So if you are looking to take one of your images and make it pop, you can do so, by adding a splatter painting effect. With Adobe Photoshop, you’ve got all the paint, brushes and canvases required to create your own and this great effect is fairly easy to do with these splatter painting effect Photoshop action.

1. Paint Splatter

The action will automatically generate many graphics elements to work with, combine and tweak them to make lots of variations and give your personal touch!

Paint Splatter

2. Color Splash

Create this advanced, stunning looking effect in only few clicks! Just open your photo, brush the area where you want to apply the effect.

Color Splash Photoshop Action

3. Splash Art Kit

The epoch of splattering by paint, milk and sour cream your studio, is finally over! Now you have the Action that will solve a lot of problems. Now you can add our exclusive prerendered splashes to your artwork, change color, connect your main hero to the global composition fast and very easy !

Splash Art Kit Photoshop Action

4. Paint Splash Animation

The Item Paint Splash Animation Photoshop Action is one of the best in its kind. This product is very useful and developed with very care. The main outstanding feature of this product is its quality.

Paint Splash Animation Photoshop Action

5. Ultimatum

Unique multifunctional artistic Photoshop Action transform your photos into digital artworks with modern style in the easiest possible way. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities to easy customise and improve.


6. Vintage Art Photoshop Action

This is a Photoshop Action that you can use it to create photo manipulation artworks includes brushes , splashes and amazing Color grading that produce a theme of vintage.

Vintage Art Photoshop Action

7. Spray Artist Photoshop Action

Create a professional artistic effect filled with splashes, drops and spray elements.

Spray Artist Photoshop Action

8. Color Festival

Photoshop action to create a splash of color as the Indian festival of Holi colors. Each time the result will be unique, even for a single photo!

Color Festival

9. ColoreeXign Art

This Photoshop Action transform your photos into professional colorful watercolor splash artworks. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities to easy customize and improve. This action is specially made for photographers, graphic designer & artists. Every time you run the action you will get a unique result, even if you use the same brushed area! You can make unlimited number of results! colorful watercolor splash will always have different form.

ColoreeXign Art | PS Action

10. Splatter Art

Splatter Art action will turn the photo into a painting with Splatter and Spray effects. With this action, you will become a painter easily, create your masterpiece painting in a few minute. After the action has finished rendering, it creates a well organised layer structure. Each layer and layer group are named appropriately and color coded to create a clearly working environment for you. Use them by try to experiment with all the different layers. Hide or show layer, duplicate layer to enhance the effects, moving, resizing, rotating, changing blend mode, etc.

Splatter Art

11. Splatter Watercolor

Well-distributed layers greatly simplify the process and allow you to make high-quality customization for your needs. You have full control over the colors, variations of the elements, character styling and most important – the density of composition. The action is suitable for any purpose – for an image full of rich elements and for the minimal, almost sketch, style of art. In any of the options and without effort, your work will look full and complete.

Splatter Watercolor Photoshop Action

12. Chroma Art Photoshop Action

Create beautiful rainbow colored mixed media artwork from any photo. Final effect includes multiple Color effects and various Layers and Levels of unique customization.

Chroma Art Photoshop Action

13. Explosion Paint

Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color. Make sure you are using the English version of Photoshop.

Explosion Paint Photoshop Action

14. Photoshop Action CS3+

This is awesome action that will give you different splatter effects.

Splatter Paint Photoshop Action CS3+

15. Splash Art 3 Photoshop Action

Create amazing watercolor splatter artwork from any photo. Final effect includes multiple color effects and various Layers and Levels of unique customization.

Splash Art 3 Photoshop Action

16. Mixed Art

Do not spend lots of time trying to create this effect manually, get it done in seconds with only a few clicks.Simply open up a photo and click play on the action. Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

Mixed Art Photoshop Action

17. Oil Knife Painting

Impressionistic artistic Photoshop action transform your photos into professional modern artworks with oil & knife qraphic style.

Ultimatum 2 - Oil Knife Painting Photoshop Action

18. Water Scatter

The best of the Photoshop Action is that it will keep layer organized. That way you can further work on your image quickly, customizing it even further.

Water Scatter Photoshop Action

19. MultiArt

Create this highly detailed, artistic, advanced effect from your photos with no work at all. The actions will create amazing, advanced designs for You in just a few minutes without any effort. They are designed to save you hours and days of work.

MultiArt 3 Photoshop Action

20. Black & Gold

This is cool Photoshop action to create an amazing, artistic gold paint effect. The video tutorial explain everything in so much detail that everyone can create it, even those who have just opened Photoshop for the first time.

Black & Gold Photoshop Action


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