9 Photoshop UI Animation Tutorials

Using GIF animation is great way to explain UI features. Eg: UI animations, hover effects, popup display etc. So in this post i want to share some cool Photoshop tutorials to help you create animated GIF using timeline function. Enjoy !.

Photoshop’s Timeline Rocks

The new timeline for animating things in Photoshop really rocks, but it takes some getting used to and some Googling to figure out how to use it. Adjusting to new things is not always easy so I’m sharing this in my sarcastic tone that I use in my head to get through the day.


Loading Circle Animation Using Photoshop CS6

Creating a very simple ‘loading circle’ animation using Photoshop CS6, which you can use on your websites, or before your video projects. This effect is going to take advantage of some of Photoshop CS6’s improved animation capabilities, leaving you with a silky smooth result.


UI Animation In Photoshop

Of course, Adobe After Effect is still the best tool to create complex and awesome animations, but with Photoshop, you can still create some simple and high quality UI animations to preview the animation idea to others.


Create an Animated Interface GIF in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will design a simple news iPhone app, and then animate it for client presentation and export it as a GIF file.


Create Smooth UI Animations in Photoshop

In Photoshop CS 6 and above, there is a wonderful thing called the timeline feature. The timeline allows you to use keyframes on your layers to modify things like position, opacity, and layer style over time! If you’ve ever edited video before, you’ll be able to pick this up pretty quickly.


A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email

Using an animated GIF adds an element of delight to a campaign that isn’t typically possible with static email designs. A number of campaigns use animated GIFs for humor, and do so with great success.


Photoshop Animation Techniques

Adobe Photoshop is a tool that a great number of creative minds are familiar and comfortable with. While it isnt software package that has been built with animation specifically in mind there it has huge potential as an animation tool. The ability to control an aesthetic within the software gives a very hands on feel to the process and endless possibilities for your end result. I hope that this tutorial will help bridge the gap between designer and animator, beginner and professional.


GIFs for UI design presentations

You may have seen really cool animated GIFs that design professionals are using to present UI design on Behance, Dribble and other design communities platforms and wondered how did they created them. What is fast becoming one of the best ways of illustrating gestures and animations in mobile apps, animated GIFs offer a little more over traditional storyboards and static screenshots.


7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs


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