50 Impeccable Bi-fold & Tri-fold Brochure Design Templates

Whether you’re trying to drive traffic into a new gym location, showcase a property for sale or get the word out about your business, brochures are powerful and effective tools for engaging and educating any audience. But only if your brochure design is on point. So here are 50 Impeccable Bi-fold & Tri-fold Brochure Design Templates that would show your company services or products in an incredible way through its eye-catching graphics.

1. Square Tri-Fold Fashion Brochure

This is an Photoshop and Indesign template to provide your promotional products it’s especially for products retailers individuals, companies or any business related.

Square Tri

2. Seafood Menu 3 Fold

Promote your business or event with this menu. This menu created with precision for high-quality color output, our templates look great.

Seafood Menu 3 Fold

3. Dentist Bi-Fold

Brochure template is designed for use in many businesses. You can use this template for business and corporate.

Brochure – Dentist Bi-Fold

4. Modern Business Brochure Bi-Fold

This is a Modern Business Brochure Bi-Fold, elegant, modern and professional corporate business brochure template.

Modern Business Brochure Bi-Fold

5. Interior Design Tri-Fold Square

Brochure template for many applications. You can easily edit and adapt to your business, as well as architecture, interior design, furniture, lights, household accessories, corporation, business and much more. A simple and pleasant arrangement of layers will help you to adjust everything.

Brochure – Interior Design Tri-Fold Square

6. Restaurant

Brochures and flyers offer many possibilities. You can create it in a variety of ways. Simple and easy editing will allow you to quickly modify templates. Change layouts, fonts, place your photo and promote your business!

Restaurant – Bundle Print Templates 5 in 1

7. Business Marketing Brochures

This is a professional collection of various types of brochures to promote large and small businesses. All templates are for multifunctional use for every industry and are very easy to edit. You can change colors, fonts, put any photos and promote your company in a very nice and clear form. This package has been designed specifically for your brand.

Business Marketing – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

8. New Yorker Bifold A4 & US Letter Food Menu

Bi-fold A4 and US Letter Food Menu PSD template. Handmade with textures.

New Yorker Bifold A4 & US Letter Food Menu

9. Minimal Business Tri Fold

Minimal Business Tri-Fold Brochure for all your company, business, corporate and products promotions needs. Best fit for all Tri-Fold Brochure promotions. It includes 6 pages with portfolio designs.

Minimal Business Tri

10. Square Trifold Brochure

This template is Square tri-fold layout. Suitable for modern fashion house or newage modeling house.

Square Trifold Brochure

11. Yoga Bi-Fold

Brochure template for many applications. You can easily edit and adapt to your business, as well as yoga, yoga and fitness club, health and health offer, promotion club, spa, gym and much more.

Brochure – Yoga Bi-Fold

12. Business Bi-Fold Brochure

This template gives you a powerful source of information in a great look to have a strong, visually pleasing brand, easy to edit text, images, and elements.

Business Bi-Fold Brochure

13. Square 3-Fold Fashion Brochure

This is an Photoshop and Indesign too provide your promotional products it’s especially for products retailers individuals, companies or any business related.

Square 3-Fold Fashion Brochure

14. Fitness Tri-Fold Brochure

Easy to modify, change colors, dimensions, get different combinations to suit the feel of your event.

Fitness Tri-Fold Brochure

15. Property Bifold Brochure

It’s fully editable, even for beginner. Just drop in your own images and texts, and it’s ready. So you can make your layout so easy with modern, clean and minimal design. Enjoy and Happy designing.

Property Bifold Brochure

16. Bi-Fold Brochure Template Retro

This is a mix reality vintage or retro style bi-fold brochure template for your business or freelance work. It’s comes with Yellow, Black and White mix version. Just modify your text, images and address so it will be ready for you. It’s Fully layered and editable piece by piece. So if you don’t like the color combination so you can easily change them as you need.

Bi-Fold Brochure Template Retro 03

17. Creative Brochure Bi-Fold

Need a clean, elegant, modern and high-quality brochure design for your company? Here is your best offer.

Creative Brochure Bi-Fold

18. Geometric Brochure Bi-Fold

This is a very interesting way of presenting the services it provides your company. You can use it in every field and industry.

Geometric Brochure Bi-Fold

19. Medical Trifold Brochure

Clean visual structure and professional typography. It can be used as a promotional brochure.

Medical Trifold Brochure

20. Bifold Modern Business Brochure

This is a very effective way to transmit a message to the customer. A good design can catch the audience and transmit the message effectively.

Bifold Modern Business Brochure

21. Multipurpose Brochure

Suitable for modern high end business or new age corporate managements. Also suitable for small starting business property.

Multipurpose Brochure

22. Home Security Brochures

Look no further to get pixel perfect and print ready brochure design!

Home Security – Brochures Bundle 4 in 1

23. Minimal Brochure Template

This is contemporary and simply designed tri fold square brochure. Minimal and asymmetric layout that presents information effectively. It is great for promoting new products or your upcoming event, design is multi purpose so it would fit to your desired field of business.

Minimal Brochure Template

24. Architect Brochures

It is pre-designed template to make your job much easier. They provide layouts, color and type choices that help you save time when designing

Architect – Brochures Bundle 5 in 1

25. Bifold Brochure

There should be something in the design that can increase its value and that makes it worth keeping.

Bifold Brochure

26. Fashion Look Book Tri-Fold A5

This is clean, modern and professional with strong typography make your lookbook look professional.

Brochure – Fashion Look Book Tri-Fold A5

27. Sushi Restaurant Brochures

This is an amazing collection of brochures that has been designed especially for your restaurant. With this packet of brochures you will be able to easily promote your restaurants, the latest dishes, dessert, drinks and more. The templates have been designed so that you can use them for different types of cuisine, so it does not matter what dishes you serve.

Sushi Restaurant – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

28. Interior Design

This is a collection of 9 items that help you promote your business. If you conduct activities related to interior design or architecture, these elements are designed just for you. With this package, you can easily show your offers, promotions and other services related to your office.

Interior Design – Bundle Print Templates 9 in 1

29. Gym Tri-Fold Square

A simple and pleasant arrangement of layers will help you to adjust everything.

Brochure – Gym Tri-Fold Square

30. Creative Agency

This is a modernist and unique package of promotional materials for your company, office, agency and creative studios.

Creative Agency – Bundle Print Templates 6 in 1

31. Mobile App Tri-Fold Square

There are millions of apps available in app stores where it is not easy to make your app discovered. So app marketers need to spend the dedicated time to promote the mobile app. By utilizing brochure that steers your intended audience to your site, with a clear call to action that communicates how your app can help them, you can generate a lot of downloads.

Brochure – Mobile App Tri-Fold Square

32. Social Media Tri-fold Brochure

This is a amazing and professionally designed template for playful creative and marketing agencies.

Social Media Tri-fold Brochure

33. Drone Photographer Tri-Fold Square

One of the most common ways to make money with drones is selling the aerial pics and videos to people. Drone photography can be a quite profitable business and it is very popular nowadays. Where can you sell the products of your work? Find appropriate places such as beach resorts, golf courses, amusement parks, or city squares. For the beginning, you should start local and show your prospects to people in order to gain customers and credibility. Using this brochure template will help promote your business.

Brochure – Drone Photographer Tri-Fold Square

34. Wave Multipurpose Tri-Fold

This is a brochure for many applications. You can easily edit and adapt to your business, as well as energy-saving, wind farms, service windmills, farm, animals, corporation, spa, fitness and much more.

Brochure – Wave Multipurpose Tri-Fold

35. Dortoretto Brochure Tri-Fold Square

Brochure can be used in any way, but is primarily directed to a restaurant or other business options. The brochure is an interesting way of presenting your best dishes.

Dortoretto Brochure Tri-Fold Square

36. Geometric Line Brochure Template

This is modern and simple brochure with bright colours that will make your message more memorable for your clients. Brochure design is universal so it will fit in almost any industry. Files are easy to edit and with touch of imagination you can modify colours, text and font to create your brochure. It is vertical A5 size Bi-fold brochure that is ready to print.

Geometric Line Brochure Template

37. Company Brochures

The unique and professional template pattern offers many opportunities to promote your business. Each color, text and image is editable. Put your company description, photos of employees, offices and promote your business today.

Company – Brochures Bundle Print Templates 5 in 1

38. Auto Repair

This is a collection of modern advertising brochures for your car service. You can use these templates to promote your car services, repair and other services in various categories. The templates are universal so you can use it for all kinds of business. Each PSD file is structured to make your editing work easier.

Auto Repair – Bundle Print Templates 5 in 1

39. Organic Food Tri-Fold Square

This is a modern and stylish template for a Organic Food Industry.

Brochure – Organic Food Tri-Fold Square

40. Creative Marketing

It’s a simple, minimalist and modern collection of brochures to promote your digital and creative interactive agency or similar business. Each template contains appropriately grouped layers, which gives the possibility of very easy and quick editing. Present your business using this package. It’s a modern and unique collection of templates designed especially for you. Place your photos, change colors and promote business.

Creative Marketing – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

41. Restaurant Tri-Fold Square

Restaurant owner always searching for new and fresh restaurant promotion ideas that will attract new customers. Using brochures are effective ways how you can promote your restaurant business and increase profit. Most of them are affordable and easy to implement.

Brochure – Restaurant Tri-Fold Square

42. Dentist Brochures

This is a collection of brochures that have been designed to promote your dental office. The templates are so versatile that you also can use this to promote your non-medical business.

Dentist – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

43. Real Estate Brochure

This is a great collection of materials for printing. Create your real estate offers and promote them among your clients. This collection is multifunctional and you can use it for a variety of industries.

Real Estate – Bundle Print Templates 6 in 1

44. Kindergarten Brochure

The main purpose of this package is to promote and advertise organizations related to children.

Kindergarten – Bundle Print Templates 6 in 1

45. Multipurpose Tri-Fold

This is a professional collection of brochures for many categories. You can use it in your small and large business. This package has many possibilities.

Brochures – Multipurpose Tri-Fold Bundle vol. 3

46. Transport Logistic Tri-Fold Square

When your clients visit your office, one of the first things they look for is your brochure to find out silent features of your transportation business in a nutshell. They will take your brochure with them back to home as a reference to your business. Therefore, create a professional brochure design that can present your trucking services in a pleasing and memorable way. A brochure that stands out in design concept is capable of luring the customers toward your business. Make sure that there is a judicious combination of images and text in the brochure design.

Brochure – Transport Logistic Tri-Fold Square

47. Creative Agency – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

This is a collection of brochures to promote any type of business. Each template has been designed to promote different areas or categories, which allows you to edit any PSD file. The entire collection is aimed at creative agencies, but it can also be used for small and large corporations, offices, agencies, websites or other similar areas.

Creative Agency – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

48. ProBiz Brochure Tri-Fold Square

This is a simple and elegant brochure, which can be used in many industries. This can be edited in any way using different fonts and colors. The system is also at your disposal.

ProBiz – Brochure Tri-Fold Square

49. Corporate Multipurpose Brochures

All templates are multifunctional and can be used for various categories. With this collection, you can promote your large corporation, tax office, law firm, creative agency and many more. Each PSD file has appropriately grouped layers, which allows for quick and very easy editing of files.

Corporate Multipurpose – Brochures Bundle 10 in 1

50. Madeleine

Wedding Photographer Brochure is a professional quality, easy to use artwork. Featuring minimal design, excellent use of white space and strong font use, this template is packed full of great page layouts suitable for a wide variety of projects.



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