50 Fire & Water Photoshop Brush Sets

A huge set of fire and water photoshop brushes for all your needs! From explosion to flares to different fire whips, etc. What you need, will all be in this pack! Create explosive wallpapers and background designs using these hot & cool brushes!

Flames Fire Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock

Flames Fire Photoshop Brushes

9 Fire brushes by Resource42

9 Fire brushes

Smoke and Fire Brushes by differentxdreamz

Smoke and Fire Brushes

— BRUSH — fire by trisste-brushes

-- BRUSH -- fire

Fire by spirk-a-doodle


Fire Brushes by PureStock

Fire Brushes

Fire Tutorial 2.0 Brushes by Hawk4

Fire Tutorial 2.0 Brushes

Scorching Flames Brushpack by Luexo

Scorching Flames Brushpack

Revnart Smoke by revn89

Revnart Smoke

Flame Brushes by SugarBreezy

Flame Brushes

Realistic Smoke by frozenstocks

Realistic Smoke

Smoke Brushes Adobe7.0+ by shadowheart69

Smoke Brushes Adobe7.0+

Real Smoke by dennytang

Real Smoke

Dragonfire3k3 Brush Set 8 by Dragonfire3k3

Dragonfire3k3 Brush Set 8

Firestorm by Kavaeka


xplosion brush set by maView

xplosion brush set

Flame brushes by darkdana666

Flame brushes

Brush the Flame by Anonymonkey

Brush the Flame

Water Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock

Water Photoshop Brushes

Water Reflection Brushes by Imaliea

Water Reflection Brushes

Tears and Water Drops by fabricate-stock

Tears and Water Drops

Sky and Water painting brushes by El-Chupacabras

Sky and Water painting brushes

Water Brushes by superlibbie

Water Brushes

Water Splash Brushes PS SET 1 by FrostBo

Water Splash Brushes PS SET 1

Abstract water by Lileya

Abstract water

Water Splash Brushes by FuelFireDesire

Water Splash Brushes

Water Brushes by seiyastock

Water Brushes

Water Dropplets – Brush by lizard–queen

Water Dropplets - Brush

Water Drops Brush Set by eMelody

Water Drops Brush Set

38 Water Splash Brushes by XResch

38 Water Splash Brushes

Water-volume-1 by MiloArtDesign


Waterfalls by midnightstouch


WaterColor Reloaded by env1ro

WaterColor Reloaded

Water Bubbles Brush by millertimemsu

Water Bubbles Brush

Watercolor Splatters by dennytang

Watercolor Splatters

Dawn Brushes by differentxdreamz

Dawn Brushes

Watercolor Brushes by Okami-Rain

Watercolor Brushes

Water Brushes PS7 by ShinigamiNoAkui

Water Brushes PS7

Rain by elestrial


Shad0ws Brush Set 1 by =JamesRushforth

Shad0ws Brush Set 1

Photoshop Bubble Brush+PSD by DigitalPhenom

Photoshop Bubble Brush+PSD

water_brush by anaRasha-stock


Underwater Brushes by Yun-Zhen

Underwater Brushes

Bubbles Brushes Set by Falln-Brushes

Bubbles Brushes Set

Underwater Bubble Brushes by MorganBW

Underwater Bubble Brushes

Splash Brushes by Baringa-of-the-Wind

Splash Brushes

.:Rainy:. by SaharaKnoblauch


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