40 Best Photoshop Actions 2015

Photoshop Actions are tremendous time-saving tool for photographers, designers and artists. You can either use one action or combine multiple actions for touching up or enhancing your photographs. The possibilities are endless with these photoshop actions and they are perfect for beginners, as you don’t need any Photoshop experience to use them. You can apply any of these incredibly epic effects with just the click of a button! So in this post we’ll be showcasing 40 best Photoshop actions 2015 that are created in a way that both Photoshop beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects.


SandStorm Photoshop Action Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all. Make sure to watch the customisation tutorial on how to get the most out of this effect.

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

A great tool for a photographer or designer. Create a wonderful effect of double exposure in a few seconds. After action finished work, you can add a color tone, or gradient to your composition.

Realistic Painting Effect V2 – Painting Action

Treated very carefully in every single step to ensure the scripts can work on any language versions of Photoshop. It has been tested and works perfectly on English and French versions.

Isometric Ground Mock-UP Actions

This set of actions allows you to make awesome presentations of your works. It can be mobile app, website, icons, prints, fonts and etc. Usage of this set of actions is very easy. You can build presentation of your works easily in a few minutes without any difficulties.

Retro Vintage Text Effects

This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality retro / vintage / old style to your text. You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo.

Advanced Double Exposure

Recreate the legendary superimposition technique with your photos, images or artwork using this awesome action!

Seamless Identity for Facebook

This is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to create eye-catching cover and profile picture for your Facebook page. Very useful to create funny and professional interactions between cover and profile picture. No more guessing – what you see is what you get!


Create a highly detailed fire-flame-sparks-smoke effect with no effort.

Architectum PS Action

Incredible Photoshop ACTION Pro transform your photo into proffesional sketch look with little effort. Highly detailed result, easy to use, customise and improve. One click action.

Logo Sketchy

Photoshop action automatic to turn any logo (graphic, font, shape, vector, smart object) to beautiful & realistic sketch with one click.

Materials Type Effects

Materials Type Effects is a Photoshop Action Set for styling Type or Custom Lettering.

Sketch Photoshop Action

Get this action and it will turn your photo in to a sketch. You simply brush in the areas that you want to sketch and play the action! Creating such an advanced effect has never been this simple.

Pro 3D Text Mockups V1

Pro 3D Text Mockups V1Realistic 3D effect easy for you to make with this 3D Mockup.

Typo Portrait Pro Photoshop Action

Photoshop Action to convert your simple image to Typographic master piece. Results are very professional with minimal user interactions.


Create this advanced art effect from your photos with no work at all. Just open your photo, brush the areas where you want to apply the effect, and click Play on the action!

3D Map Generator – GEO

With a few clicks it is possible to generate isometric 3D maps in 3 different orientations with heights and depths in the terrain. As basic shapes there can be used text layers, vector shapes, Smart Objects or one of 52 vector country* shapes. For designing the map there are different new tools, textures, effects, brushes and 37 icons and elements available. The generated 3D maps can be edited and redesigned for unlimited times.

45 Popup Effects

It create a popup image from your photo, perpective view of image, curl and shadow for any image.

Focus Control

Interesting results can be achieved using this action.

Engraved Metal Photoshop Creator

This set contains 9 Photoshop actions with styles intact that will allow you to create realistic “engraved and embossed metal” effects out of any text, vector shape, raster image, photo and illustration.

Pro Paint

This action set is compatible with most of the Photoshop versions since it does not use the oil paint filter. The action gives your images similar painterly look.

Actions for Food Photography

Food Photo Effects action is exclusively designed for photographers & graphic designers. It’s a must have for photo effect lovers.

76 Premium Photoshop Actions

76 Premium Photoshop Actions This action set has been developed for photographers and graphic designers. These actions have been engineered for quality and performance. Easy to use, just press play.

Pencil Sketch Pro

These Photoshop pencil sketch actions convert photos to stunning pencil sketches or color pencil sketches with just a click.

Model Skin Retouch

This Photoshop action separates the skin and texture into separate layers so the tones can be made even and blemishes reduced. This allows the image to maintain its feel without looking like fake plastic.

Cartoon Oil Paint

This action set has been developed for any type of cover design for example magazine, book, advertisement , poster, Photographers and Personal graphic or designers.

40+ HDR Effects

This actions has been created with precise calibration adjustments to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

Porcelain Blast Photoshop Action

Easy to use Photoshop ACTIONS with particles explosion with effect of broken porcelain.

Art Triangles

This script creates a triangular mosaic from a photo. This artistic effect reminds “Crystallize” and “Cutout” Photoshop filters, but with triangles instead of the polygons.

Realistic Painting Effect

This action quickly transforms your photos into Realistic Painting Effect artwork. Give your photo’s an artistic edge with this action. Simply open up a photo and click play on the action. Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

Poster Action

Poster Photoshop Action makes your photo to look like a poster. You can easily change colors, patterns, textures, etc. You can use your own patterns & textures and use every color you want to.

Double Color Exposure

Create beaultiful effects in photos, graphic, typography and everything with one click!

Real Watercolor Painting Photoshop Action

One minute and it is done! Great time saver when you need client work to be done or make a gift for a friend or just for the personal use and fun!

Comic Art Style Photoshop Tracer

Easily Convert Bitmap Images to clean Vector Art. Although this process is very simple; Load vectorizer action, open your image and click the action play button that’s it! Convert raster images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to AI vector graphics.

Portrait Photoshop Action

Create awesome grungy artwork from your photographs with little effort at all. After the action is complete, you have full layer control to adjust the design how you like.

Winter Effects Action Set

Winter Effects Action Set is perfect to get winter effects for your photos. Add falling snow to your photos, Increase sharpness, try different winter effects or give your winter images a vintage look !

Ultimate Gold Styles

Precious looking Gold Text effects with additional Gold Gradients, Styles and Patterns to work for multiple font variations.

Painting Action

Photoshop Painting FX Actions Create professional painting effects with your photos via creative actions The action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC.

F. Shadow Pro Action

This is unique action simulating professional photo soft shadow from area light source. It uses most popular scattering value for products shooting used to provide them volume and “sweet” looking.

3D Badge Converter

Generate your own emblem, badge or logo from 2d to 3d, with just a click!

Multi-size Book Mockup – Set 3

The script automatically adjusts the proportions according to size of the cover and each angle can be applied with any size of cover. Full layered and editable effects.


Enhance your photo with water explosion look in moments.You just need one click… Once action is completed you can turn on/off background and play with adjustments or choose one of 5 premade color options.

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