25 Exquisite Abstract Photoshop Actions

Abstract art is attractive and eye catching. It is a style of art where there is no definite image of what the artist is depicting but rather gives an illusion of the perceived reality. This is the reason why a lot of people love it. So in this post we’ve gathered some best Photoshop actions to create exquisite abstract digital art.

Color Splash

Create this effect in just a few steps! After the action has finished, you then have complete layer control. Be sure to watch the video tutorial for a fast workflow when using the action.

 Color Splash Photoshop Action


This action creates a structured, easy to use Photoshop template to help build typographic designs from your photos. The action wraps your text around your subject and comes with 20 paint textures and 6 background textures to help give your design a professional look. The action also creates 20 color variations giving you lots of control over the look of your design.

 Type01 Photoshop Action

Double Exposure

A great tool for a photographer or designer. Create a wonderful effect of double exposure in a few seconds. After action finished work, you can add a color tone, or gradient to your composition.

 Double Exposure Photoshop Action


Create a highly detailed hologram effect from your photos just by clicking play on the action! The action also produces 20 color looks to choose from.

 Hologram Photoshop Action

Paint Splatter

Create awesome pieces of contemporary art from your photos and images in few clicks! Save hours of work with this action, it’s easy to use, just pick an image, brush the interested area and click play!

 Paint Splatter - Photoshop Actions


This Action turns your photos into a coloristic drawing in acrylic realistic style. Many settings will help you to change the colors of your composition as you need. Create amazing portraits with with Acrylic 2 Photoshop action.

 Acrylic 2 Photoshop Action

Geometric Art

Geometric Art Action turns your photos into an abstract composition of lines, polygons and geometric shapes.

 Geometric Art Photoshop Action

Ice Explosion

Create an incredibly detailed explosion effect with just a couple of clicks

Ice Explosion


This set contains a Photoshop action that will allow you to create kaleidoscope effects out of any image plus a set of vector shapes to play with. The pack contains also 3 more actions for customization purposes.

 Kaleidoscope Abstract Effect Photoshop Action


This effect will save you hours of work and it is simple to use. Just brush over your photo and play the action. It’s really that simple! All layers are color coded, well named, grouped and organized.

 Abstract 2 Photoshop Action

Low Poly

Set of 8 action to create an abstract geometric effect.

 Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action Pack

Portretum Sketch & Drawing

Universal Sketch & Drawing Photoshop Multi Action PRO transform your photo into professional sketch look with hand drawing effect. Highly detailed result, easy to use, customize and improve.

 Portretum Sketch & Drawing PS Multi Action


Create flowing liquid forms from your photos with this action. All you need to do is brush where you want to create the effect and click play on the action.

 Liquify Photoshop Action


Awesome Photoshop action with effect of powerful tornado which breaking and shooting pieces of the object on your photo.

Tornadum PS Action

Hypnotize – Ink in Water

The action works on the areas you have brushed over your desired photo, creating unique and spectacular ink in water and dispersion/disintegration effects in seconds. It’s like you subject has exploded into a burst of color, revealing inner parts. This elegant effect can be used from academic displays to professional sports presentations to personal portrait awesomeness.

Hypnotize - Ink in Water Photoshop Action


Creating stunning designs with this Photoshop action. It is very simple to use and has endless customization possibilities.

 Paradigm Photoshop Action

Cell Shader

Create detailed abstract designs from your photos fast! After the action is complete, there are numerous layers to customize the design. The action breaks apart areas of your photo based on the tonal values (highlights, mid tones and shadows) allowing you to color them separately as well as move them around! It is a very advanced effect to build that to re-make manually may take several hours..per photo!

 Cell Shader 2 Photoshop Action


Use this action in conjunction with the included brushes to build professional designs from your photos in no time at all. Learn the fast workflow by watching the video tutorial.

 Street Photoshop Action


Make sure to watch the video tutorial as the author cover how to setup your file as well as various customization techniques that you will want to use.

 Spectrum Photoshop Action


After the action has completed, you have full control over each layer to adjust the design how you like. The layer structure is well organised with color coded groups/layers and named appropriately. The video tutorial covers how each layer affects the design and also customization techniques to take your designs to the next level.

 Fracture Photoshop Action


The action set includes 12 color presets as well as 19 paint textures and background photos included in the download.

Grunge 2 Photoshop Action


For the best results, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of 1500px – 3500px. The optimal range is from 2500px – 3500px. The detail and clarity in the effects generated by the actions reduce the smaller your photo is.

SunDance Photoshop Action


Go from Photoshop beginner to pro with little effort! This action combines multiple effects into one, creating highly detailed and advanced looking designs from your photos.

Synergy Photoshop Action


Create flowing lucent forms from your photos with this action. All you need to do is brush where you want to create the effect and click play on the action.

Lucent Photoshop Action


Watch this video tutorial for a demonstration of how to use the action and a customization tutorial. Follow the customization techniques in the tutorial to create images like those shown below.

Lively Photoshop Action


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