47 Outstanding Examples Of Vertically Stacked Typography Designs

Stacking letter is the practice of aligning letters vertically one on top of the other. It is a fantastic technique for giving posters and other layouts a dramatic typographic look also it is a neat and fun way to push your typographic skills. When paired with balanced colors and forms, stacked text looks edgy and visually appealing. So here are 47 Outstanding Examples Of Vertically Stacked Typography Designs to help you brainstorm for amazing ideas for using typography in design.

Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation by Rachel Roth

Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation

Beach Party by DusskDesign

Beach Party

Accordion Book by Chaaya Prabhat

Accordion Book

Nike SB by Luis Coderque

Nike SB

Bookdesign by Mario Biehs

Dienstbarkeitsarchitekturen, Bookdesign

Editorial Design by Daniel Peter


poster collection by Roman Post

poster collection | vol.2

MAIPHOBIA: DEN_SE by Tianqing Li


Editorial. by Rocio Gomez


Destination British Columbia Rebranding by Gabriel Lefebvre

Destination British Columbia Rebranding

Illustration Flower by Aleksandr Gusakov

Illustration Flower

Montreal Canadiens — Tricolores laces by Leo Breton-Allaire

Montreal Canadiens — Tricolores laces

Quotation experiments by Chris Labrooy

Quotation experiments

Just my TYPE – collection by Steve Simpson

Just my TYPE - collection

Disney Cinderella Movie by Fabian De Lange

Disney Cinderella Movie

lg2boutique by Maude Lescarbeau


Typography Works by Mats Ottdal

Typography Works

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship by Olivia King

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

BOSS – Corporate Branding by Karina Tan

BOSS - Corporate Branding

Vestre – My Town by Tank Design

Vestre – My Town



Logo Project by Maurizio Pagnozzi

Logo Project

Dona Valencia by Yinsen

Dona Valencia

Leon Bridges | Poster by James Fitzgerald

Leon Bridges | Poster

A poster collection by Stephan Bovenschen

A poster collection

Unplug – The Rock Magazine by Ryan Lau

Unplug - The Rock Magazine

Thug Tears by Davy Denduyver

Thug Tears

CCMM Identity & Catalogue by Fre Lemmens

CCMM Identity & Catalogue

AFE by Steve Wolf


Pong by Ben Schade

Pong — User Centered Design

Gig poster project by Mika Mäkinen

Gig poster project - LOW

Get To Work Book – Lettering by Brett Stenson

Get To Work Book - Lettering

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it by Sean McCabe

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it

Pentagonal Landscapes by Tony Eräpuro

OLAFUR ELIASSON: Pentagonal Landscapes

Another poster collection by Stephan Bovenschen

Another poster collection

Ebenup by Brand Brothers

Ebenup - Brand identity

Toma Vino Mexicano by Parametro Studio

Toma Vino Mexicano

Inten by Ryan Atkinson


Contemporary Theatre Collection by Vitor Carvalho

Contemporary Theatre Collection

DOTS: Paint by Kandinsky by Christine Herrin

DOTS: Paint by Kandinsky

BOOK COVER by Diogo Matos


Festival de Cine Surrealista by María Victoria Vecchio

Festival de Cine Surrealista

Aizone FW13 by Sagmeister & Walsh

Aizone FW13

10th Film and Art Festival by Zuzanna Rogatty

Dwa Brzegi – 10th Film and Art Festival

Stockholm Sweden 2026 Olympic Games Branding by Hannah Decker

Stockholm Sweden 2026 Olympic Games Branding

JazzArt Festival 2014 by Marta Gawin

JazzArt Festival 2014

Croquis by Aurelio Sánchez Escudero


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