Top 10 InDesign Templates To Show Your Designer Friends

Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, printed products are still a great way to reach an audience. In fact, the more that marketing goes digital, the more a printed product can stand out from the crowd.

Whether you`re building a brochure, portfolio, or magazine, Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular apps for laying out printed designs. InDesign shines because it`s built with printed products in mind. While Photoshop and Illustrator are great apps for creating logos, graphics, and other “elements” of design, InDesign`s goal is to bring all of these assets together into a single printed product.

In this post, we`ll highlight the best Adobe InDesign templates that you can use to create printed professional designs in less time than ever before!

Why Templates Are the Best Way to Design

Mastering the art of layout design is tough. If you`re used to creating digital products, it takes time to adjust to new mediums. Also, every printed product has a different set of standards and sizes that you`ll need to learn.

That`s why Adobe InDesign templates are so helpful. Instead of creating printed products on a blank canvas, templates already have most of the design guidelines built-in. Thanks to templates, you don`t have to worry about setting up CMYK, margins, bleed, and other print ideas that you`re not familiar with.

Most of the work in Adobe InDesign is about setting up the margins, dimensions, and settings that help you properly print the finished product. Templates already have those settings built-in.

When you use professional Adobe InDesign templates, you don`t have to draw every element from scratch. Skip the work of setting up gutters, columns, text boxes, and every other placeholder by using a template instead.

The best part of using a template is that you don`t have to sacrifice customization. You can still use InDesign`s tools to add objects, remove objects, and fill the placeholders with your content. Think of a template as a blueprint, with plenty of specifics left for you to customize.

Let`s check out 10 top Adobe InDesign templates below! You`ll see top selections for brochure templates, magazine templates, portfolio templates, and more.

1. Brochure Multipurpose Square

The Multipurpose Square Adobe InDesign template is a versatile brochure template that you can use for any industry. This InDesign brochure template tri-folds into even squares. The files in this Adobe InDesign template are well-organized, which will make it easy to drop in your images and other content. Smart objects, placeholder elements, and free fonts make this Adobe InDesign template a top choice for your template needs.

2. Portfolio

An InDesign portfolio template can bring all of your best work together into a single printed product. This template has a layout that`s suitable for a multitude of project purposes, like building up a portfolio or creating a lookbook. Easy-to-scale vector infographics are included, as well as two print sizes to make creative use of multiple paper formats.

3. Creative Magazine

This page-turning design is a clean InDesign magazine template that can be used for practically any type of publication. It contains page layouts that will give you a great start to putting together your content without having to build it all from scratch. With 28 unique page templates that are easy to tweak, you`ll have enough options in this magazine template to never repeat your designs.

4. Odyssey Magazine

Odyssey is an InDesign magazine template with a modern and hip design, so that your publication or portfolio will stand out on the shelf. Using this image-centric InDesign magazine template means your images will be presented in a stylish and elegant way, while also providing flexibility for customization. If you`re building a magazine for fashion, photography, or culture, Odyssey is one of the best InDesign template options.

5. Minimal Business Card

While you can create or order business cards on a number of websites, the creative freedom of this business card template makes this a winning choice for your personal brand. The professional and clean structured files and easy to customize templates make it easy for you to create professional business cards. Get started on designing your best business card yet with the Minimal Business Card template.

6. Des12n Magazine Indesign Template

This InDesign magazine template is perfect for creatives and illustrators, as it really allows for a creative head start with your next editorial. The clean, minimal design really draws attention to the photographs and illustrations in your publication. The two cover options, 32 pages of InDesign magazine layouts, and automatic page numbering will be especially helpful as you prepare your next editorial piece in print. It also makes an excellent InDesign brochure template for in-depth information.

7. DailyPaper :: Newspaper Template

Don`t let the headlines be the only thing that`s eye-catching with the bold, crisp design of this Adobe InDesign template. Whether this is your first time putting together a newspaper, or you`re well experienced, this easy to edit template is suitable for any kind of news. This Adobe InDesign template could even be used as a creative piece at a party or a fun way to announce news around the office.

8. Portfolio

The minimalist design of the Square Portfolio template is perfect for showcasing your photography, regardless of your niche. The simple style of this InDesign portfolio template makes it easy on the eyes, so that your photography will be the main focus. The 20 pages are easily adjustable and edited, and come in a print-ready format. Use a portfolio template when pitching to a new client to help you land that next big photographic assignment.

9. Multipurpose Magazine

The modern and sleek design of this InDesign magazine template is perfect for any project from hip and fun to corporate and reserved. The 32 unique pages, automatic page numbering, and grid-based layout are all going to help make creating your next print or digital editorial a breeze. Let this Adobe InDesign template give you the platform you need to make your work shine.

10. Magazine Template

The Magazine Template is professional and clean in design and perfect for any publication. There are plenty of features here to help you get started with your next print or digital release – 3 covers and 25 unique pages for articles, interviews, galleries, and showcases. The grid and column based layout in this InDesign magazine template will allow you to easily lay out your work, whether you`re creating an editorial on fitness, extreme sports, or travel.

The Best Source for Adobe InDesign Print Templates

The best part of using InDesign templates is that you don`t have to learn the app from the ground up. When you use one of the templates featured above, you can take advantage of the hard work of professional designers.

If you checked out these templates, you might have noticed a common source for the designs: Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives. A single subscription includes all of the templates we showed above and thousands more.

All of the templates in this round-up and in the preview above are available for a flat-rate when you join Envato Elements.

When you`re building printed products, the worst-case scenario is that the finished product doesn`t look the same as it appeared on your screen. Going from digital to printed products features a learning curve that`s hard to conquer and can cost you wasted prints.

In professional InDesign templates, graphic designers have already included all of the standards that a print shop will expect. Just export the file, take it to a printer, and everything will print perfectly!

Best of all, Envato Elements includes extra assets that are perfect when you`re building your next InDesign magazine, portfolio, or brochure template. The included stock photos and graphics are the perfect add-on to really bring polish to your next design. These resources can round out your product with no extra cost required.

If you want to design a printed product that impresses even your designer friends, consider using one of the Adobe InDesign templates featured here. With Envato Elements, you`ll have an array of options to craft the best designs.

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