40 Super Awesome Typography Designs 2020

One of the biggest elements of any design is its typography. It has to be on point for the design to standout. Since it sets the tone for the design, you need to be very careful while choosing a font for your design. Using trendy fonts or using other fonts to create a trend is a matter of choice. It’s still up to your business, your style. And no matter what, fonts are a way of thinking and a solution to reveal and print your personality on a t-shirt, animation or a website. We have seen designer push the boundaries of typography in the past. In 2020, we expect the world of fonts to grow even bigger. Typography art and design can only move forward from here and become more beautiful and distinct. So I hope some of these typography designs will inspire you in your upcoming projects.

Nike by Peter Judson


Sajni-bajni by Puskas Marcell


Bodega 45 by Alejandro Gavancho

Bodega 45

Artwith Workbook by Brand Archetype

Artwith Workbook

Hanzi Kanji Hanja by viction:ary

Hanzi • Kanji • Hanja

Poetry Foundation & Magazine by Pentagram Design

Poetry Foundation & Magazine - Brand Identity

Puma by Daniel Zacatenco

Puma 2018

Jazztopad by Krzysztof Iwanski


Silvergrin Vodka by Chad Michael Studio

Silvergrin Vodka

Lettering Series Xvi by Rafael Serra

Lettering Series Xvi

Fonts For The Future Identity & Font Book by Christo Kruger

Fonts For The Future Identity & Font Book

Lettering Collection by Ju Schnee

Lettering Collection

Lettering 2019 by Mark van Leeuwen

Lettering 2019

Royal College Of Art – Show Exhibition Identity by Sakaria Studio

Royal College Of Art – Show Exhibition Identity

Editorial Projects Late 2019 / Early 2020 by Made Up .

Editorial Projects Late 2019 / Early 2020



Zatarain’s Hand Painted Letters by Jackson Alves

Zatarain's Hand Painted Letters

Design For Events 2020 by Made Up .

Design For Events 2020

Hibrayer Typography Challenge by Farouk Mousa

Hibrayer Typography Challenge

Secret Garden by ranganath krishnamani

Secret Garden

Lettering Collection Vol.11 by Naniii

Lettering Collection Vol.11

Structura by Vika Nurislamova

Structura — Modular Typeface

Zero Posters Vol.1 by Zero Posters

Zero Posters Vol.1

Portfolio 2019 by Barbara Padanyi

My Portfolio 2019

Supergraphic Visual Identity by Sakaria Studio

Supergraphic Visual Identity

Autumn by Leonardoworx LWX


7x3m Modus Cover by The Creative Branding Agency

7x3m Modus Cover

Milkman Website by Joluvian _

Milkman Website

The Upbeats Poster by Ian Jepson

The Upbeats Poster

Ray-ban – Made Of Music by Berd .

Ray-ban - Made Of Music

Fast Company – 100 Most Creative People 2018 by Mohamed Samir

Fast Company — 100 Most Creative People 2018

Mishko Daily Type Experiments by Nevan Doyle

Mishko Daily Type Experiments

Yellow Vision Vol.2 by Violaine & Jeremy

Yellow Vision Vol.2

Profi Rebrand by Kevin Cantrell

Profi Rebrand

From A To Z: The Alphabet Poster by Mateusz Witczak

From A To Z: The Alphabet Poster

Penguin – Like A Woman by Loz Ives

Penguin - Like A Woman

Speaking Coral by Lena Vargas

Speaking Coral

Chanel – Coco Bingo by Mathilde Vallee

Chanel - Coco Bingo

New York Magazine Rebranding Concept / 2019 by kissmiklos .

New York Magazine Rebranding Concept / 2019

Handelsblatt / Watches Special by Mario De Meyer

Handelsblatt / Watches Special

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