Showcase of 27 Halftone Designs

Halftones are dots of varying sizes & densities placed on top of a solid color so to a viewer standing further away, the colors appear to blend together. When used in graphic design or illustration, this can create a really interesting effect, and can be used for shading, shadows, or simply for a slightly unusual texture. They are most often used in printing to fake gradients. They have found their way into iconic design and illustration because of their unique look, regardless of the application. So in this post we`ve collected some examples for inspiration to create stunning halftone designs.

Dust Bakery by Cristie Stevens

Dust Bakery

Edut by hiromi maeo


Greeting card by Josephine Vasseur

greeting card

Heist & Roth by Robinsson Cravents

Heist & Roth

Monotone by MW WONG


Kino – Take Away And Pattern by Gustav Karlsson Thors

Kino - Take Away And Pattern

Penta Cafe by Pop & Pac Studio

Penta Cafe

Wtf by Alejandra Ballesteros


Point by Alvaro Penalta


Surf Royale by Dario Genuardi

Surf Royale

36 Days Of Type (Numbers) by Fran Mendez

36 Days Of Type (Numbers)

Conceptual Finishes In Wood: Screentone by Andrew Wagner

Conceptual Finishes In Wood: Screentone

Alphabet by Lorena G

36 Days Of Type · Alphabet

Baba G by Shaun Hill

Baba G

Monotriz by Savia Design&Branding


Halftone Print Series – Wolf & Lion by Joshua M. Smith

Halftone Print Series - Wolf & Lion

Skillshare: True Grit Class by Andrew Fairclough

Skillshare: True Grit Class

Ateliers Ouverts 2016 by Nouvelle etiquette

Ateliers Ouverts 2016

Virginia Woolf Risograph Poster by Marina Cardoso

Virginia Woolf Risograph Poster

The Gradient Book by keyla nakayama

The Gradient Book

Kozep by Akos Polgardi


Nike Le Quartier by Atelier Irradie

Nike Le Quartier

Teenage Kicks X Mural by Freak City

Teenage Kicks X Mural

Pop Art Beer by Benjamin Garner

Pop Art Beer

Golden Tiger Firecrackers by Matt Carlson

Golden Tiger Firecrackers

The DigitalOcean Blog by Kasia Bojanowska

The DigitalOcean Blog

Pizza Greeting Card by Laura Guardalabene

Pizza Greeting Card

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