35 Stunningly Beautiful Minimal Typography Poster Designs

Minimalism is about distilling elements until only the essentials remain. Minimal elements – maximal impact. Minimalist typography is so visually impressive, so unusual and striking, that it will attract attention and stay in the mind of the viewer. After all, designs that are stripped of all but the fewest details are easier to remember because they take up less brain space! In this post we are going to showcase 35 Stunningly Beautiful Minimal Typography Poster Designs using great font choice, font weight, tracking, kerning, leading, layout positioning and color to inspire great designs.

Creative Event Poster by Sztufi

Creative Event Poster

LOW by Mika Makinen

Gig poster project - LOW

Two&2 by Brenttton


Sibling by Steve Wolf


Relax by Studio–JQ


New STRV Sneak Peek 02 by Filip Slovacek

New STRV Sneak Peek 02

Ping pong Battle Royale by Joe Bowker

Ping pong Battle Royale

Baugasm – 365 Posters by Vasjen Katro

Baugasm - 365 Posters

We Have To Go Back Poster by Ben Stafford

We Have To Go Back Poster - Top

Event poster by Filip Slovacekk

Event poster

Typography Poster by Tobias van Schneider

Typography Poster

Beer Posters by Devin Jacoviello

Beer Posters

March Madness by Jonathan Lawrence

March Madness

REST Poster Exploration by Jeremy P. Beasley

REST Poster Exploration

poster collection vol.1 by mane tatoulian

poster collection vol.1

Arros i Peix by Xavier Esclusa Trias

Poster Collection | Arros i Peix

Made of Two – Posters by Giuseppe Fierro

Made of Two - Posters

Posters by Kasper Skov


Random Pick – Mid or Afk by Angello Torres

Random Pick - Mid or Afk

Club Hemisphere posters by Rokas Sutkaitis

Club Hemisphere posters

PCK2 by Tokito

SO / Poster Series - PCK2

Ciutat Flamenco 2017 by Solo

Ciutat Flamenco 2017

-68.197cm by Lucas Doerre


Massimo Vignelli Tribute by Mash Creative

Massimo Vignelli Tribute

Poster by Xavier Esclusa

Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias / Design

Layers by Jay Cobs

#5 - Layers

Art Direction Exploration by Kevin Cash

Art Direction Exploration

From Idea To Real Product by Vlad Shagov

From Idea To Real Product

New York Women`s Surf Film Festival by Shanti Sparrow

New York Women`s Surf Film Festival

Warby Parker by Emily Jane Harris

Warby Parker

LUSH by Caterina Bianchini


VOL.2 by Jakub Serge Malec


Massara by David Massara


Outsider by Christian Ubeda

Outsider Poster collection

Various Posters by Fabian Fohrer

Various Posters


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