25 Really Awesome Matchbox Cover Designs

Matchboxes brought light to the world with a simple wave of the hand. Nothing quite beats the comforting sound of a box of matches been shaken in a power cut. If you are looking for inspiration for a graphic design project, there`s no better way to motivate yourself than to see good design in action. So in this post we wanted to share with you our pick of 25 Really Awesome Matchbox Cover Designs for inspiration.

Havaianas 100 Years of Samba by Johann Vernizzi

Havaianas 100 Years of Samba

Caudal by Mariela Mezquita


Custom Matchboxes Vol.1 by Joao Neves

Custom Matchboxes Vol.1

Matchbook: En Patufet by Viu

Matchbook: En Patufet

Self Promotion Packaging by Lara Hochreiter

Self Promotion Packaging

Lightbox Matches by Sarah Das

Lightbox Matches

Philistine Matchboxes by The Made Shop

Philistine Matchboxes

The Illumination Project by Russell Shaw

The Illumination Project

Yardbird by Mandy Lau

Yardbird Matchboxes | Illustration

Christmas matches and postcards by Ivett Lenart

Christmas matches and postcards

Matchboxes by Cruz mas Cruz


Aromatic matchbox packaging by Nikhil Ranganathan

Aromatic matchbox packaging

Tropical Ephemera by Tierra Connor

Tropical Ephemera

The Wind Up Bird by Bene Rohlmann

The Wind Up Bird

Project Matchbox by Kristofer Haugvik

Project Matchbox

Celebrity Matches by Nick Yates

Celebrity Matches

Cool matchboxes with a message by Neha Katkar

Cool matchboxes with a message

Carnley Design Matchbox by Josh Carnley

Carnley Design Matchbox

Mattiel by Matthew Smith

08. Mattiel by Mattiel

Spark That Makes us Human by Josh Schott

Spark That Makes us Human group matchboxes

Gonzo Matchbox by SIMMER

Gonzo Matchbox

Chinese Zodiac Matchboxes by Laura Crane

Chinese Zodiac Matchboxes (Part I)

Matchbox Comix by Sahitya Rani

Matchbox Comix

Ford Malaysia Ford Ranger by JWT

Ford Malaysia Ford Ranger

Skull_box by Mazur Peter


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