Awesome Infographics Design Inspiration

In appreciation of those designers who find beauty in data, I’ve collected beautiful infographic designs that inspire me. Hopefully they will inspire you, too!

Cool Infographic Designs

Infographics are really cool when they’re well done, and the design makes it cool and interesting to check out the information the graphics are trying to deliver. In this selection you will see some really awesome infographics in different topics created by Rajkaml Aich. Enjoy!

Cool Infographic Designs

40 Beautiful InfoGraphic Designs

An information graphic in its simplest form is a visual interpretation of data. Though an incredibly useful form of data presentation, infographics have traditionally been an underwhelming sector of the design world.

Beautiful InfoGraphic Designs

25 Awesome Minimalist Infographic Designs

A minimalist infographic design is always not excellent but it always leaves impact to the eye view at all. Although complex information’s are used to display in visually appealing and colorful mode but if you see this album you cannot help inspiring as well.
Yes in this article we are going to showcase an elegant variety of minimalist infographic design for your inspiration and curiosity too. We are much sure that you will admire this effort and will benefit as well.

Awesome Minimalist Infographic Designs

The 22 Best Infographics We Found In 2011

As infographics go mainstream, infographic designers grow bolder. Some of the most tantalizing projects we came across this past year stretched our understanding of what a data visualization can be: It can be a set of interactive commuter-train maps plotted not according to distance but time. It can be a metaphorical chart of how water flows from the source to the consumer. It can be the spikes and dips of the Dow Jones Industrial Average rendered as notes on a musical scale. Infographics have clearly evolved into something greater than just a way to make raw numbers more enticing. They’re a full-blown art form.

infographic 2011

Top 12 Mashable Infographics

Everyone loves an infographic, and here at Mashable, we’ve taken an interest in producing our own infographics. In the gallery above, you’ll see some of our favorite Mashable infographics that were researched and visualized in-house to help you see the big picture in tech history. Because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Mashable Infographics

30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps

Map illustrations are a dime a dozen however, a strong and balanced display of graphics, information, and colors is what makes an infographic stand out and reach its target audience effectively.

Superb Examples of Infographic Maps

40 Super-Cool Infographics You Absolutely Have To See

Infographics can be a great source for learning new facts and getting design inspiration. I even know several web designers who frequently make infographics to practice some skills. In this article we’ll be having a look at a great collection of these that you definitely should see! Here’s something for everyone.

Infographics You Absolutely Have To See


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