60 Flat Web UI Design Inspiration

Flat design existed long before it became a buzz word. It’s just finally been packaged. Flat design is beautiful and refreshing. It’s also generally faster to design and easier to make responsive. If it was a graphic design trend, it’d be well received.

2016 will be the year for flat UI Design. Apart from using Gradients, Shadows, Glossy effects, Flat design is using simple flat pastel or pantone color to UI or Web Design. So in this method, the website will be very clean and minimalistic. Typography has a main role in flat design because as we are not using effects & gradients. Here are 60 great examples of flat ui designs for your inspiration. Enjoy !

by Ben Garratt

Ben Garratt

by Riki Tanone

Riki Tanone

by Daryl Ginn

Daryl Ginn

by Jakub Antalík

Jakub Antalík

by Jackie Tran

Jackie Tran

by Mike Busby

Mike Busby

by Tomas Jerabek

Tomas Jerabek

by Cuberto


by Ines Gamler

Ines Gamler

by Marcel Henkhaus

Marcel Henkhaus

by Alex Vanderzon

Alex Vanderzon

by Rovane Durso

Rovane Durso

by Emre Durmus

Emre Durmus

by Per Lindgren

Per Lindgren

by Adam Debreczeni

Adam Debreczeni

by Balraj Chana

Balraj Chana

by Gil


by Abhimanyu Rana

Abhimanyu Rana

by Courtney Kim

Courtney Kim

by Jens Windolf

Jens Windolf

by Designmodo

Designmodo (Adrian)

by Jamie Syke

Jamie Syke

by Joris Rigerl

Joris Rigerl

by Josh Holloran

Josh Holloran

by Blaze Pollard

Blaze Pollard

by Nuruzzaman Sheikh

Nuruzzaman Sheikh

by Ivo Mynttinen

Ivo Mynttinen

by George Leonardo

George Leonardo

by Mike Cummings

Mike Cummings

by Dennis Covent

Dennis Covent

by Chloe Park

Chloe Park

by Gary Murray

Gary Murray

by RepixDesign


by Kirill Zakharov

Kirill Zakharov

by Eric Ressler

Eric Ressler

by Aaron Sananes

Aaron Sananes

by Dylan Opet

Dylan Opet

by Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong

by Cat Smith

Cat Smith

by Pieter van Est

Pieter van Est

by Dart 117

Dart 117

by urbanjahvier


by Benoît Boucart

Benoît Boucart

by Cathryn Briggs

Cathryn Briggs

by Kaupo Kõrv

Kaupo Kõrv

by Morgana D'Almeida

Morgana D'Almeida

by Sam Joonas Nissinen

Sam Joonas Nissinen

by Murat Mutlu

Murat Mutlu

by Brian Delaney

Brian Delaney

by Nathan Butler

Nathan Butler

by Roberto Nickson

Roberto Nickson

by Alexandre Naud

Alexandre Naud

by Supersteil


by Robbert Esser

Robbert Esser

by Emil Manolea

Emil Manolea

by Stanislav Kirilov | CocaineHearts

Stanislav Kirilov | CocaineHearts

by Craig Stubblefield

Craig Stubblefield

by Johan Rundberg

Johan Rundberg

by Cole Townsend

Cole Townsend

by Tim Quirino

Tim Quirino

by Jayson Lane

Jayson Lane


  1. staebz@gmail.comsays:

    Great collection. I saw a few gradients in there, but overall I loved all the minimalism-isms.

  2. Carlos Cabo Gonzálezsays:

    Great selection.

  3. Carlos Cabo Gonzálezsays:

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    It is an online tool to convert colors between several formats called http://rgb.to

  4. AKsays:

    Love it!

  5. Great!

  6. DesignNodeUKsays:

    Some very nice designs. When I was scrolling through the list as soon as a had a new favourite it was blown out the water!
    Good to see a collection of very talented designers.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Steve Fortsays:

    Cool collection. Specially weather icon designed by Dylan.

  8. kamleshsays:

    Great Collections. Your designs help me to develop the website.

  9. Really nice collection. I had used your too many UI elements in my web design projects.

  10. fyne digital creativesays:

    It was the biggest web design trends of last year, and what will be big this year?

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