50 Fantastic Film & TV App UI Design Examples

UI design ideas always play a key role in helping designers create an excellent iOS or Android mobile application design works in most cases. So here are 50 Fantastic Film & TV App UI Design Examples for your inspirations and hope it will really help you somehow.

Game TV Explore by Moli_xEs

Game Tv - Explore

Movie Explorer by Michael Korwin

Movie Explorer

Netflix Redesign App by CMARIX TechnoLabs

Netflix Redesign App

Entertainment App by Theo Lopez Carbajal

Entertainment App

Chillx Redesign Concept by Arvind Patel

Chillx Redesign Concept

Movie Booking App by Ankit Sharma

Movie Booking App

Cinema Mobile by Dan Rigby

Cinema Mobile

Movierama Mobile App by Giyonces Gonzalez

Movierama Mobile App

Movie App by Balance

Movie App

Manway Film Mall by Ray

Manway Film Mall

Tv List App by Mark Okada

Tv List App

Movie App Comparison by Piotrek Kosmala

Movie App | Comparison

Cinema App Interactions by tubik

Cinema App Interactions

Film by Bella


Cinema Exploration by Thea Cheang

Cinema Exploration

Mobile App Concept by Matt Wojtas

Mobile App Concept

Tv Show Characters Page : Mobile by Genau

Tv Show Characters Page : Mobile

Movies And Tv Shows Db by Vishal Chavan

Movies And Tv Shows Db

Planeta Kino. Cinema App by BASOV DESIGN

Planeta Kino. Cinema App

Tv Guide by James

Tv Guide

Tv Show Maniac by Olha

Tv Show Maniac

Mcu App Concept by Jacob Caccamo

Mcu App Concept: Captain America: The First Avenger

Movie Reviews App by Hui.

Movie Reviews App - The Movie List

Weeb Tv – Mobile Ui by Jehan Sangkakala

Weeb Tv - Mobile Ui

Film Club App by Blane Fraser

Film Club App

Film Ticket Page. by iang A

Film Ticket Page.

Cinema App by Alexandr Lunev

Cinema App

Film by Golden Joe


Film Application Design by Em

Film Application Design

007 App Concept by CePixel

007 App Concept

Movie App Ui – Annihilation by HK

Movie App Ui - Annihilation

Film by Arise


Movie App by Emre Secer

Movie App

Upcoming App by Anna W

Upcoming App

Movie App by Sulton hand

Movie App

Movie Ui Design by Nukul | NextDesigns

Movie Ui Design

Cinema Tickets App Redesign by Shakuro

Cinema Tickets App Redesign

Movie Tickets App by Bartlomiej Pierzchala

Movie Tickets App - List

Movie App Seen by Threest

Movie App Seen #2

Movie App – Design Concept by Giulia Cecchetti

Movie App - Design Concept

Film And Television Works by gaoting

Film And Television Works-gaoting

Movie App by Afshin Mhmdi

Movie App

Oscars 2019 Concept Ui by Vita Sporevaya

Oscars 2019 Concept Ui

Service App For Watching Tv Episodes And Movies by Cuberto

Service App For Watching Tv Episodes And Movies

Actor Screen – Filmweb Concept by Radek Skrzypczak

Actor Screen - Filmweb Concept

Stavka Tv: Main Page Responsive by Bohdan Kononets

Stavka Tv: Main Page Responsive

Tv Series App by Murat Miregil

Tv Series App

Tv Streaming App Dark Mode by Cai Cardenas

Tv Streaming App - Dark Mode

Tv Joj App by Milan Chudoba

Tv Joj App

Orizon Tv App by mr.alidoost

Orizon Tv App

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