36 Excellent Examples Of Digital Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a genre of photography dedicated to capturing the behavioral and instinctive characteristics of undomesticated animals, plants, and other organisms. It is regarded as one of the more challenging types of photography.

Anyone with a passion for wildlife and wild places will find beautiful inspiration in this post.

The Explosion! by by Ashley Vincent


King by Michaela May


Man and animal conflict by Salil Bera


Humpback Whale Breach 100 by Cornforth Images

Humpback Whale Breach 100

Toucan bird by @Doug88888

Toucan bird

Eagle Owl Eyes by Allard One

Eagle Owl Eyes

Herring Gull by I Love Poppies

Herring Gull

Leopard – Panthera pardus by tropicaLiving – Jessy Eykendorp

Leopard - Panthera pardus

Canon as wildlife sees it – 3 by dickysingh

Canon as wildlife sees it - 3

ERA PROPRIO BUONO!! by peo pea


Getting In A Lather by Roger’s Photos59

Getting In A Lather

YO Yo yo by bocavermelha-l.b.

wildlife from singapore

Fright Flight of the Snow Geese by Fort Photo

Fright Flight of the Snow Geese

5×2 swans….. by Nicolas Valentin

5x2 swans.....

King of the Kalahari Desert by Ania Photography

King of the Kalahari Desert

Birds by Dragan


Whitetail in Snow by Hard-Rain

Whitetail in Snow

Ooompfh! by dewaun.simmons


Some day, my son … by Wild Dogger

Some day, my son ...

Rainforest´s eyes by Pedro Segura

Rainforests eyes

Arctic Fox by Stephen Oachs

Arctic Fox

Flamingos Partying by szeke

Flamingos Partying

Food Fight! by Tad 20D

Food Fight!

Ready or not, here I come!!! by Eldad Hagar

Ready or not

The Giants of Africa by | HD |

The Giants of Africa

the gift of the moose by Steve took it

the gift of the moose

Starling Murmuration by Alan Mackenzie

Starling Murmuration

Pigeon by Jon Cartwright


FB #2 by Jon Read

FB #2

Now I can see better by annkelliott

Now I can see better

Motherlove by Michael Poliza


Snowy Fox by Rob Lee

Snowy Fox

End of the Hunt by Wild Wings Photography

End of the Hunt

Don’t forget to send valentines to all your favourite friends! by Nancy Rose

Don't forget to send valentines to all your favourite friends!

Bengal eagle owl by hawkgenes

Bengal eagle owl (bubo bubo) - last of a trilogy

:: All Eyes……! by Imapix

:: All Eyes......!


  1. Jeaninesays:

    Awsome. Beautiful photography. Wish I could take pictures like that.

  2. Louisesays:

    All the pictures are awesome !!!!

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