22 Creative Die Cut Packaging Designs Inspiration

Die cutting is a popular process in which a die is utilized to create shapes, designs, and patterns paper, cardboard, and other materials. It allows you to create a three-dimensional experience, makes way for a pop of color, and emphasizes the spirit of both the brand and the individual product. So in this post we have gathered 22 Creative Die Cut Packaging Designs Inspiration to help inspire your own unique design.

Pandle by Hani Douaji

It is inspired by the use of the product. On the foreground the die cut has a hand shape, the hand is inserted physically into the product. While on the background there is a simple illustration of a handle. The packaging shows the hand gripping the handle illustrated in the background.

Pandle | Repackaging

Rocca Mid-autumn Gift Box by WWAVE DESIGN

It lets you enjoy moon cookies with the brightest moon. Appreciating the moon and enjoying festive food such as mooncake with family is traditional activity and still a trend in Chinese region during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Rocca Mid-autumn Gift Box

Printing On The Tiny by Yi-Xuan Chen

Love everything from the paper texture to the origami figures and the emboss.

Printing On The Tiny

Yelli Kids by Inna Alimova

They are not only easy-to-carry paper cut packages; they are designed to be unconventional bags with impressive graphics to communicate message of the brand.

Yelli Kids

Unique Triangle Lightbulb Packaging by Jade Mobberley

The aim was to design fresh and creative product packaging that can be used in multiple sizes for different lightbulbs.

Unique Triangle Lightbulb Packaging

Trident Gum Packaging by Hani Douaji

This is an amusing fun, playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product “Protecting Teeth”. The chewing gum look like pearly white teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.

Trident Gum Packaging

Machiyenga Tree To Bar by Alejandro Gavancho

Machiyenga is a bean-to-bar chocolate from Cuzco, Peru. In the Inca period of Peru, gold was considered important, since for them, it was a sacred metal sent down by the Sun, who was their God. Taking this as inspiration, foil lining was used all around the packaging to represent the gold, in addition to die cut on the back of the packaging that is inspired by the art of the Machiyenga community and serves the extra purpose of showing the inside of the packaging where the chocolate bar is wrapped in golden aluminium wrapping, continuing the concept of Incan gold.

Machiyenga Tree To Bar

Time Out Bar Awards by Miguel Dias

It is really amazing and stunning design with extremely dynamic visual perception.

Time Out Bar Awards. Lisbon 2017

Two For Tea by Openmint Studio

They highlighted the basic idea of the packaging by dividing it visually into two parts. Colour coding, slight illustrations, and the different shapes of the windows make it easy to understand that the can has two compartments: for tea bags and for loose leaf tea.

Two For Tea

Gift Flask Packaging by Melanie & Nicolas Zentner

Engraved special gift FLASK from Sonderegger packaged with die-cut multilayered cardboard, and laser cut paper.

Gift Flask Packaging

Urbanist by Valeria Repina

This is a black and white minimalistic and brutal identity in combination with ceramic granite patterns.


Mohawk Keaykolour by Hybrid Design

A celebration of color, Keaykolour introduces unique shades designed to family beautifully together. Drawing on the playful experience color can evoke, this piece encourages the mixing and matching of color. Loose and unbound, cards can be combined and recombined using die cut shapes as view finders, mashing up color combinations. The result is a dare-we-say fun paper spec’ing experience that reinvigorates the potential of colored paper in design.

Mohawk Keaykolour

Nwd Mooncake Packaging 2017 by box brand design co., ltd.

The design is want to delivering a idea of the art by giving. Feeling the sentiment from the craft, experiencing the life from the art. The art of paper-cutting is one of the most important types of Chinese folk art with festivities and happiness in Chinese culture.

Nwd Mooncake Packaging 2017

Soneta by Thinking Room

They created a die-cut sleeve forming The King’s silhouette and fluorescent inked screen printed a customized typeface of the album title on inside sleeve so when it’s opened, the typeface filling out the silhouette completely.

Soneta Begadang

Jacote Kids & Gifts by Ekaterina Teterkina

Neat patterns, soft colours, simple, but elegant typography make this identity look sophisticated. This combination works best for creating a tasteful kids brand.

Jacote Kids & Gifts

Bellabeat Leaf Packaging by Iva Jankov

Packaging with post usable part. Designed for Bellabeat.

Bellabeat Leaf Packaging

Wolf Gates by Ernesta Vala

he goal was to give a band totally new look, more stylish than ever and still remain mystic and folk. The meaning of the album was wolf gate, and in all album the motive of the gates remains, where people have to enter them alone to meet their darkest thoughts, fears etc. The album is called “Wolf Gates” and listener is encouraged to find his own path to the gate. This insight lead to editable CD package design.

Wolf Gates New Album Concept And Design

Amaze by Pedro Veneziano

The task was to come up with a book that explored the word ‘maze’ both as concept and content.


Typographic Tea-advent-calendar 24 T’s by Michaela Vargas Coronado

Love the textures with the solid black. Nice idea to use it as a calendar as well.

Typographic Tea-advent-calendar 24 T's

Otono by Tres Tipos Graficos

This was reflected in the brand through various illustrations of the three main acron trees species.


Cd Packaging-the Art Of Pepe Romero by Xavia Xia

A media package for classical guitar music, includes 2 CDs and a booklet.

Cd Packaging—the Art Of Pepe Romero

Chris + Jessie by Hyela Lee

Chris + Jessie is a fictional socks brand. Based on the two founders, Chris’ love for stripes, Jessie’s love for dots, and their collective love for socks led to the birth of Chris + Jessie. They hope their extraordinary socks bring life and fun to the mundane.

Chris + Jessie

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