60 Creative Web Designs Inspiration 2013

Web design sure has come a long way in recent years, and we can see all kinds of creative and unique websites popping up. In this article we’ll have a look at some websites that are a bit different to what we usually see. This collection is comprised of websites offering many different services/merchandise. They’re colorful, funny, artistic and more. What they all have in common is the fact that they do stand out a bit – at least they did to us.

Here are some of my personal picks for the best website inspiration 2013. Some of these designers & firms are really pushing the boundaries of design and development. They all won Awwwards for website of the day.


Nedd by http://www.nedd.me


123-piano by http://www.dfib.net

Fillet Digital Agency

Fillet Digital Agency by http://www.fillet.com.br

Les Enfants

Les Enfants by http://deuxhuithuit.com

Welcome To Kit Kat 4.4

Welcome To Kit Kat 4.4 by http://JWT.co.uk


SRG by http://www.phoenix-m.com


GREATS by http://wondersauce.com

Football Transfer Window

Football Transfer Window by http://signal-noise.co.uk

Play Dot To Dot

Play Dot To Dot by http://play-dot-to.com/creators/


GoMacro by http://www.hellomonday.com

House Campaign

House Campaign by http://zjednoczenie.com

theQ camera

theQ camera by http://theqlifestyle.com

Fubiz for iPad

Fubiz for iPad


MARMOSET by http://weareflavor.com

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery by http://winfieldco.com/

neotokio! summer edition

neotokio! summer edition by http://www.neotokio.it


mediaBOOM by http://mediaBOOM.com

The Power Inside

The Power Inside by http://toolofna.com


Bluestepstudio by http://www.bluestepstudio.it

HKI™ Hellohikimori™

HKI™ Hellohikimori™ by http://hellohikimori.com

Orange History

Orange History by http://www.uzik.com

KathArt Interactive – take the tour

KathArt Interactive - take the tour by http://www.kathart.dk

Sixty FPS

Sixty FPS by http://www.sixtyfps.com.au

Kitchen Prague

Kitchen Prague by http://www.kitchenprague.com

Lucas “NK” Nikitczuk


Black Ram Whisky

Black Ram Whisky by http://www.edesign.bg

Pan Pacfic Defense Corps

Pan Pacfic Defense Corps by http://www.avatarlabs.com

A day in Big Data

A day in Big Data by http://www.ogilvy.co.uk/ogilvy-one


Served by http://www.ubiquitous.co.uk

BeoPlay H6

BeoPlay H6 by http://www.hellomonday.com


Blocklevel by http://www.matiasjansen.com

Tool of North America

Tool of North America by http://toolofna.com

The Kings of Summer Tumblr Site

The Kings of Summer Tumblr Site by http://www.watsondg.com

Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture by http://www.watsondg.com

Where Does My Tweet Go?

Where Does My Tweet Go? by http://www.mfglabs.com


REZO ZERO by http://rezo-zero.com

Precision is my Inspiration

Precision is my Inspiration by http://www.raymond-weil.com

Discover Shadow

Discover Shadow by http://www.raffaelstueken.de

Case 3D

Case 3D by http://www.north2.net


Nerval by http://www.nerval.ch

Jackie Tran Anh

Jackie Tran Anh by http://jackietrananh.com

Design Embraced

Design Embraced by http://www.designembraced.com


Barrel by http://www.barrelny.com


Kiliwatch by http://www.studiometa.fr

Into the Arctic – Greenpeace

Into the Arctic - Greenpeace by http://www.hellomonday.com

Portraits with Carter Kustera

Portraits with Carter Kustera by http://www.ginlanemedia.com/


ELI by http://mikefey.com

Lexus Europe

Lexus Europe by http://www.amaze.com


CO3 by http://www.ultranoir.com


WeLoveNoise by http://www.welovenoise.com

Bianchi Café

Bianchi Café

Etch Apps

Etch Apps by http://etchapps.com


Skybox by http://www.skybox.org

Coffee Surfing illy

Coffee Surfing illy by http://www.dolcestilnuovo.com

Minimal Monkey

Minimal Monkey by http://minimalmonkey.com

Far From the Tree

Far From the Tree by http://www.domanistudios.com

AÃRK Collective

AÃRK Collective by http://www.aarkcollective.com


MVA - SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS by http://www.shiftbrain.co.jp


czk by http://www.a-contrario.fr

Jules Bassoleil

Jules Bassoleil by http://www.julesbassoleil.fr

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