35 Creative Examples of Typographic Brochure Designs

Designers have a wealth of tools under their belt when they start a new brochure design. Typography is one of the most important building blocks in graphic design that helps in visually communicating business values, creating hierarchy and clarity and converting your desired target audience. Having a well designed brochure is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers. So if you want to create a professional-looking brochure that has a good balance of visual elements, in this post we’ve got some great resources for you today. Check out these typographic brochure designs below for brochure layout inspiration!

Editorial by Rocio Gomez


Goodbois by Julian Schropel

Goodbois - Ss19 Lookbook

Herbert Specimen by Danilo De Marco

Herbert Specimen

Axeer by Mohamed Samir


Occupy Wall-street Historical Booklets by Stephane Pianacci

Occupy Wall-street Historical Booklets

University Of The Arts Helsinki Brochure by BOND Creative Agency

University Of The Arts Helsinki – Brochure

Accordion Folding Leaflet by Stephane Pianacci

Accordion Folding Leaflet

Geomanist Booklet by atipo

Geomanist Booklet

Stuff I Did The Past Two Years by Fabian Fohrer

Stuff I Did The Past Two Years

State Theatre Company 2017 by Jake Foreman

State Theatre Company 2017

Lighthouses_brochure by Oliwia Jankowska


Design Space by Huijun Cynthia Zhu

Design Space

The Crux & Co. Cake Brochure by Hue Studio

The Crux & Co. Cake Brochure

Bauhaus Brochure by Narmina Talibova

Bauhaus Brochure

Fold-out Flyer/poster by Raewyn Brandon

Fold-out Flyer/poster

Katowice Steet Art Festival – Id by Marta Gawin

Katowice Steet Art Festival – Id

Bilbao Art District by Happyending Studio

Bilbao Art District - Ed. 2014

Collector Brochure by Luminous Design Group

Collector Brochure

Subscription Brochure by Tung

Subscription Brochure

Film Festival Brochure by Adrienn Nagy

Film Festival Brochure

Agathian’s Shelter Brochure by Heng-Chun Liow

Agathian's Shelter Brochure

Kulturhavn 2015 Competition Entry by Ross Aitken

Kulturhavn 2015 Competition Entry

New Program Brochure & Poster by Art Center Design Office

New Program Brochure & Poster

Jordan Catalog by Kulik Oleg

Jordan Catalog

Fred Sandback by Kees Bakker

Fred Sandback

Cinema Cartier by Catherine Allard

Cinéma Cartier

Giambatista Bodoni by Marie-Pier Tardif

Giambatista Bodoni

Sanz Ec Company Profile by Estudio Menta

Sanz Ec Company Profile

Children’s Book “Watch” by Lera Zaitseva

Children’s Book «Watch»

Brochure Layout Design by Ignatio Rivaldo Runtu

15 Rules Of Typography - Brochure Layout Design

Linotype Brochure Hvd Fonts by HvD Fonts

Linotype Brochure Hvd Fonts

Dave Foster For B School by The Jacky Winter Group

Dave Foster For B School

Brochure Concept by Nick Ohlo

Brochure Concept | Fbaup

Delire by Maria Victoria Vecchio


Soletanche Bachy by Grapheine

Soletanche Bachy - Graphic Charter

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