25 Creative Examples of Tactile Typography

Over the past few months, there has been a trend for physical materials. In the world of web and graphic design, it means visual representation. Things like stone, ceramic and wood give brands a more premium and honest look. For example, a popular brand is using a typeface created out of the wood of a fallen tree, which lends a gorgeous and polished look to the website. So in this post I’ve collected some amazing examples of tactile typography created by amazingly talented tactile typographer who creates tactile typography pieces out of all sorts of different mediums for inspiration. It’s so awesome and inspiring to be able to have the dedication, patience and skill to not only to that, but do it ridiculously well.

The Washington Post by Snask

The Washington Post

A Gusto by Panco Sassano

A Gusto

Don’t Worry Baby by MaricorMaricar Studio

Don't Worry Baby

Colors by Tsvetislava Koleva


Typography by Katheryn Benedict-Perri


New Illustration Work by martin pyper

New Illustration Work 2011

Food Typography by Side by Side

Food Typography

Axfood by Snask


Recipes For Life by Mr.Jose

Recipes For Life

Avalere Pixels by Dominique Falla

Avalere Pixels

Pumpkin Spice Latte by Daniel Coleman

 Pumpkin Spice Latte

Year Of Yum Logo Creation by Dani Loureiro

Year Of Yum Logo Creation

Dominos Posteros by AYBARS GURLU

Dominos Posteros - First Real Dough Poster

Classics Food Typography by Danielle Evans

Classics Food Typography

La Fabbrica Pizzeria by Leyre Duran Prado

La Fabbrica Pizzería

Stay Soft Salt Lettering by Danielle Evans

Stay Soft Salt Lettering

Tactile Alphabet by Dominique Falla

Tactile Alphabet

Food Lettering by Vic Reyes

Food Lettering

Good Food by Karen Cantu

Good Food

That’s My Jam by Noah Camp

That's My Jam

Edible Idioms by Anna Keville Joyce

Edible Idioms

L O V E by Ceres Lau


Flavor Love by Adrian & Gidi

Flavor Love

Stitched Type by Kalyani Tupkary

Stitched Type

Bubblegum Roll Type by Dominic Le-Hair

Bubblegum Roll Type

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