Cool Vector Art Portraits

Vector is techniques of making highly realistic images using Photoshop or Illustrator. As the name suggests, Vector Art is built entirely of vector graphics. The more layers, the smoother and more realistic the final piece. This post showcases 15 amazing examples of beautiful vector art portraits by a group of talented artists.

Ayrton Senna by Cristiano Siqueira

Ayrton Senna

Vector portraits by Ruslan Khasanov

Vector portraits

Dirty Dozen by Grzegorz Domaradzki

minnesota by livelyarsenic


A Blue That’s Almost Gray by Venneta

A Blue That's Almost Gray

Angelina Jolie by Ilko94

Angelina Jolie

The Violinist II by Nero749

The Violinist II

Higher Purpose by Zola85

Higher Purpose

Passive Aggressive by =MarioMadjarov

Passive Aggressive

Scarlett Johansson Vector by AngstromAlliance

Scarlett Johansson Vector

rh cambio by juanpipaw

rh cambio

Daydream Nightmare Vector Portrait by kerembilek

Daydream Nightmare Vector Portrait

Own by B-boyAlfelor


The Creative Dork by Aseo

The Creative Dork

Four Colours In Her Hair by ChewedKandi

Four Colours In Her Hair


  1. These vectors are looking so attractive.

  2. Persissays:

    Can I send you my pictures to convert into your art?
    How much do you charge per portrait?

  3. Those are gorgeous vector arts design.

  4. Really cool designs

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