25 Cool Packaging Designs with Fun Pattern Shapes

Despite the fact that customer loyalty is largely determined by the quality of a product, the packaging is the first thing a potential consumer sees. Pattern repetition has always had a special place in the creation of unique designs. This creative technique can be seen in hundreds of designs, old and new. The repetition of certain visual motifs can help a brand transmit a strong message, especially when the pattern is meaningful for the company.Sometimes, simple packaging design is all you need to make a difference on your brand. The idea of pattern repetition may sound simple, but it requires a delicate hand to create a dynamic design. When used correctly, pattern repetition can encapsulate the essence of a brand. So here in this post I’ve gathered some packaging designs leverage pattern on the outside and deliver a pop of color for inspiration.

Proportsya Chocolate by Ekaterina Chernyshova

Proportsya Chocolate

Niche Tea by IWANT design

Niche Tea

Talea Beer Co by IWANT design

Talea Beer Co

Sophia’s Tea Branding by Marka Network

Sophia's Tea Branding

Vorda by by north


Branding Of Hair Color Studio by Barbara Isaeva

Branding Of Hair Color Studio

Coco Chocolatier by Daniel Freytag

Coco Chocolatier

Vizou – Reading Glasses by Studio Chapeaux

Vizou - Reading Glasses

Home Sweet Sushi Kids by Savvy Agency

Home Sweet Sushi Kids

Wolffer 139 Cider Cans by IWANT design

Wölffer 139 Cider Cans

Mixville | Sweets by Pavla Chuykina

Mixville | Sweets

Samurai by Fanny Lofvall


Fika Scandinavian Shop by Leena Kisonen

Fika Scandinavian Shop

Milko by Giovani Flores


Motif Fine Art Wine by Stefan Leitner

Motif Fine Art Wine

Photo Roll by Hiroko Sakai

Photo Roll

Dalia Sabor Da Fazenda by Di Cadore

Dália Sabor Da Fazenda

Bow Lock Brewery by DUSK .

Bow Lock Brewery

Motif by Alexandra Rusu


Mochiice by Jessica Sjostedt


Gorky Park Icecream by Anastasia Genkina

Gorky Park Icecream

Itsink.com by Amanda Louisi


Wax Packaging by Emma Thibault

Wax Packaging

Corinne Cosmetics by Anna Trympali

Corinne Cosmetics

Splitz Popsicles by Wylee Sanderson

Splitz Popsicles

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